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March 2018


                                                                                                                                            ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH


The next Paradigm Shifter’s practicum is Wednesday the March 21st, the spring equinox…night and day are in balance. It’s the time of the year in planting new seeds, a time of fertility, the coming of more sun, a great time to manifest. I will create some fun activities, some journeying to ascended masters and we will celebrate together.


If you plan on attending either in person RSVP no later than March 19th with payment of $30 inperson. It will be from 6:30-8 PST



                                                                                                                                                ACCREDITED THETAHEALING WORKSHOPS


All courses are accredited by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® and can be applied toward the ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science programs. If you have not taken the Basic or Advanced in 5 years, please be aware that this is the time for recertification in order to keep the name ThetaHealing® or ThetaHealing Technique® in use through your website, practice or business card. Reduced pricing is available if it's been 5 years or less.  More information is at:

                                                                                                                                                            Basic: March 2-4 Friday-Sunday

                                                                                                                                         Dig Deeper in Westlake, CA; April 8-9, Sunday-Monday


                                                                                                                        *NEW* You and God: Growing your Relationship 2, in Westlake, CA; April 10-11

                                                                                                                                                       Advanced: April 20-22nd, Friday-Sunday

                                                                                                                                                                    Dig Deeper: May 19-20th

                                                                                                                                    * NEW* You and God: Growing your Relationship 2: June 9-10


                                                                                                                                                                              BLOG FOR THE SOUL


Quote for the Month: Mastering a virtue changes the frequency of a thought-form so it can connect with a particular Law. Certain virtues connect to certain laws, and so it becomes possible to work through those Laws at all times. ~Vianna Stibal, (Planes of Existence, page 31)

What would happen if we really communicated telepathically? Would this be something you’d find fun? Intriguing? Masterful? Vulnerable? Intrusive?


What virtues actually allow us to be telepathic? What would happen if what we thought was actually clear, loving and kind? Would you care if another heard your thoughts?

I was in Mexico (as many of you know), studying with Vianna for two weeks in taking five workshops. I have been asking for over a year about some course workbooks that felt incomplete or had some discrepancies. I had noticed that several of the Instructors’ manuals changed a few times, and they didn’t match the practitioners’ manuals. Vianna had asked me to go over a couple of them when I attended workshops in the past 2 years, so my hope was to have a chance to sit with her and discuss the changes.

The THinK office thought I probably would be able to have time to connect with Vianna. I had all my notes and references already printed in case she might have time to do this with me.


Though I would have loved to just hang out and connect with Vianna as two people who hadn’t seen the other in awhile, I wanted to be very respectful of her time if I was able to get private time. I know that teaching for 3 weeks with little days off, isn’t easy on anyone. I wanted to stay focused on getting the workbook information reviewed with her, and be mindful that she was with her family.


I talked to her briefly during one of the workshops and asked if I could have a bit of time with her. She caringly and kindly said we could do it the following week.

In the days prior to our meeting, she spoke often to the class of an ability she has had for awhile—hearing others’ thoughts or what some people might call, ‘reading minds’. Vianna has shared in the Planes of Existence class and book that she felt in ancient times, people were able to talk to one another with the power of pure thought. Babies are often able to experience this too. Due to the dense frequencies that are part of this human experience, we stop doing it young though our brains still have the ability when we’re older.


The ability to read thoughts is governed by the Law of Truth.  All the virtues of this Law are required—commitment, compassion, faith, patience, tolerance and understanding. What will block this ability is egotism, remorse, resentment and the desire for revenge. (page 51 of Planes of Existence).

Many years ago, I went on a date with a man who mentioned he could read another’s thoughts. I remember crossing the street with him heading towards a restaurant, when he blurted out something that he felt was crossing my mind. I turned to him with surprise. I didn’t appreciate it. The date obviously didn’t go well after. I felt imposed upon and as if there was some egotism involved, because what he thought I was thinking wasn’t really what I was totally thinking. Instead, I felt like there was a boundary infringement.


So when I had my meeting with Vianna, she was just sharing herself and discussing some concepts that I had actually not fully understood.  I felt touched by really grasping the depth of some awareness around the ancestors in helping them gain virtues to support their soul evolution.


She continued about some other topics, and I realized that we had limited time left to discuss the workbooks, which was my main goal. I wanted to go over them, and then if there was time left that she had available, I wanted to be present for just being with her without any other agenda.


All of a sudden, in thinking we needed to keep focused, Vianna looked down at the notes I brought and said a bit sharply, “Ok, let’s just focus.”

I inhaled quickly. “Did you just read my mind?”


I could hardly get the words out, because I was in a bit of shock.


“Let’s just focus now.”


“You just read my thoughts. I feel so embarrassed.” I put my hands over my face and put my head down on the table.


“Let’s go over this now,” she repeated reading through the notes.

I didn’t have time to tell her why I wanted to focus then, that I felt that I wouldn’t have had time to complete the questions about the workbooks; but I sensed she was annoyed and hadn’t heard the rest of my thoughts. I felt that with my thoughts not fully enjoying the moment we were sharing because of time constraint, (though I don’t think she may have known this part), that I somehow took away from our connection. I didn’t know how to further explain myself in feeling rattled and attempting to focus with her in those moments.


The next day I heard her talk to the class about using our abilities and how reading a person’s thoughts, which just naturally happens for her, can be very difficult for the other. I certainly knew who that was in reference to. Yea, it was embarrassing, and I didn’t know what to do with it all.

A week later, I asked a friend why would people want this ability, to read others’ thoughts, as I remembered the movie with Mel Gibson, “What Women Want” in being inundated with voices coming at him. Or the man I previously mentioned, who felt he could read thoughts, but felt imposing instead. Both instances felt like something I didn’t want to participate in.

And I received a simple wise response. ‘This is how we use to communicate. We are relearning it now.’


Yes, I had forgotten this. The memories from those ancient times were familiar.  People projected thoughts and then we could just receive them in the intention they were sent. It’s not like we went into brains searching for them. (not to say there aren’t technologies that can do this now). That is not how those who have the abilities, use them through the 7th Plane.

And I forgot that we also practiced this through Rainbow children in sending and receiving images from a card deck, which I had so much fun doing.

In the time Vianna and I had remaining after going over the workbooks and notes, was amazing channeled information that she spoke. She must have heard me think that, “I wish she would say it again in class, because I don’t think I will get this all in notes now.”


The very next morning, she started off going over this same information almost streamlining it into the new ‘You and God’ class. Even though I was still a bit rattled by what happened, I was so grateful to know that my thoughts were focused enough to transmit that her channeling was meant to be heard by more than me…and she did that.


So as we develop our virtues, we are going to notice some big changes in our abilities and thus the Laws that become more connected to us. It’s important, as we claim our co-creativity with All-That-Is, that we open ourselves to being with others who have expanded gifts and abilities without becoming startled. When we realize that the other’s abilities took a great deal to emerge by the way their virtues have been worked with, we will be able to experience these rising abilities as we work on ourselves as well.


With care and discovery,


I extracted possible ‘theme’ beliefs from the story. Energy test yourself for them, practice clearing through digging if applicable, check if they are your ancestors’ beliefs, and use Creator's teachings including the ones below if they fit.


*Being receptive to other's projected thoughts is intrusive.
*Being receptive to other's projected thoughts is natural.
I fear another reading my thoughts

*I fear reading another’s thoughts

*Reading thoughts is always intrusive.

*My thoughts are detrimental to myself.

*My thoughts are detrimental to others.

*My thoughts and intentions are the same.

Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads

I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it's possible, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

*To know the difference between projecting thoughts and mind reading
*To be able to receive another's thoughts clearly
*To be able to send thoughts clearly

*To feel safe to develop the virtues to communicate through thoughts

*To develop pure intention

*What it takes to control my thoughts without limiting my expression.

*What it takes to align my thoughts and intentions through Creator.

*To evaluate my thoughts’ content and be able to change the pattern that is detrimental.

*Know when and to change my thoughts when they feel detrimental.

*To practice mindfulness daily.


                                                                                                                                                                  EVOLUTION NEWSFEED


What if Schools Taught Kindness?

The school environment can be very stressful; in addition to any issues they bring from home, many students struggle to make friends and perform well in class. Being excluded, ignored, or teased is very painful for a young child, and we thought it could be impactful to teach empathy and compassion. Kindness bridges those gaps and helps build a sense of connection among the students, the teachers, and even the parents. Learning to strengthen their attention and regulate their emotions are foundational skills that could benefit kids in school and throughout their whole lives.

The Lost Labyrinth of Egypt is one of most incredible ancient sites in history

The mysterious  underground complex of caverns and chambers is believed to hold the secret’s to mankind’s origin. It is also believed to hold the sacred ancient texts from the lost civilization of Atlantis.

Where do you go when you die? The increasing signs that human consciousness remains after death.
Modern resuscitation was a game-changer for emergency care, but it also blew apart our understanding of what it means to be dead. Without many people returning from the dead to show us otherwise, it was natural to assume, from a scientific perspective, that our consciousness dies at the same time as our bodies. Over the last few years, though, scientists have seen repeated evidence that once you die, your brain cells take days, potentially longer, to reach the point past which they’ve degraded too far to ever be viable again. This does not mean you're not dead; you are dead. Your brain cells, however, may not be.

A healing crystal guide

Check out the healing qualities for amethyst, rose quartz, iron pyrite, tiger eye, hematite, raw emerald, citrine, Celestine, quartz, desert rose.         


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