Issues Addressed in
Multiple Journeys to One


I’m no longer part of the lie.

My first glimpse of what a loving family might be like was portrayed on Ozzie and Harriet with the Nelson family. I was twelve when I saw that show for the first time. I watched it open-mouthed because the father actually talked to his sons. I didn’t know fathers would do that. My own father rarely talked to me except to criticize or scold, and he never touched me except to abuse me.–Elizabeth

My father left the family in 1929 when I was a year old. Two years later my mother, perhaps in despair, attempted to smother me with a pillow. While the body was deep in shock and struggling to stay alive, what had been my core ruptured and Pearl became my first alter. After Pearl, fifteen more alters formed to handle the pain and confusion from subsequent traumas...My mother left me at the Infant Shelter in San Francisco when I was between three and four. I’m not certain how long I was there–probably about a year. After that, I lived with different families, including a girlfriend of my father who involved me in a Satanic Ritual Abuse cult... Some of my alters came in pairs, one embodying the dark, the other the light.–Terry

When I was seven months in utero, my mother overdosed on barbiturates, almost killing herself, and me as well. After my birth, she stabbed herself and was committed to a famous East Coast university hospital facility. My mother was diagnosed as being manic-depressive and suicidal. In reality she was a multiple who spent many of the years during which I lived at home, in psychiatric centers. My sisters, my mother, and I were abused by government doctors experimenting in mind control as well as in viral and genetic research. Many members of my family (on both sides - including my mother, my mother's parents, her brother, and paternal relatives), neighbors, Jewish rabbis, and government officials were Satanists who performed rituals that included bestiality, rape, dismemberment, cannibalism, murder, and prolonged torture with electro-shock instruments.–Lindsey

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