Through heartfelt stories of courage and the commitment to heal, Mss. Dragon and Popp take us into spiritual journeys toward wholeness of the traumatized soul of the multiple. These journeys are reminiscent of soul retrieval, an ancient shamanic practice to reclaim and integrate split-off parts of the soul. They offer a unique window into the extraordinary power of the mind!

Linda Adler,
LCSW Psychotherapist, Miami Beach, Florida. President, Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies. Internationally recognized for workshops on shamanism and past-life regression.

These honest, moving accounts are windows into the experience of people with multiple personalities, and the process of integration. In an engaging, straightforward, nonsensational style, the people profiled here allow us to hear what it’s been like for them to become one. This book will be enlightening to people with DID, to therapists, other supporters, and to anyone who wants to know more about the amazing capacities of our minds.

Ellen Bass,
Co-author, with Laura Davis, of The Courage to Heal, author of several volumes of poetry, and co-editor of I Never Told Anyone.

Judy Dragon and Terry Popp are doing important work to create a better understanding of multiplicity and the process of integration. With this compilation of personal stories, they have opened up the world of multiplicity, giving the reader direct contact with the events that caused the fragmentation and the courage and dedication it took to dismantle the elaborate system. I have worked closely with them on a professional level and am inspired by their understanding and integrity.

George J. Bilotta,
Ph.D. Executive Director of The Morris Center for Healing From Child Abuse, San Francisco.

Multiple Journeys to One brings us voices from far out on the spectrum of abuse. The abuse, however, is not their entire story, for these are also testimonials to the courage, creativity, healing, strength and resiliency of the human spirit. They are honest and compelling stories that underscore the complex interplay of our bodies, psyches, and spirits. These are voices that deserve to be heard. The stories offer rich and profound rewards to the reader.

Paul Crissey,
Board President of Survivorship, past-present of the California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, and former Training Director of the California Consortium to Prevent Child Abuse.

These firsthand accounts of horrific abuse demonstrate the flexibility of the human mind when confronted with the will to live, and its ability to shatter in the process of recovery back into wholeness. I recommend Multiple Journeys to One to anyone interested in the mystery of human consciousness.

Juliette Hanauer,
Radio/TV talk show host. Documentary film maker.

Terry Popp and Judy Dragon have collected eight thoroughly engrossing accounts of individuals struggling to overcome disastrous childhoods. The stories and struggles are reminiscent of those I have heard in my office over the past twenty-five years. One can only admire the courage and determination to get well that has been so aptly portrayed in this book.

Dr. Robert S. Mayer,
Nationally recognized authority on Multiple Personality Disorder.
Author of Satan’s Children: Case Studies in Multiple Personality
Through Divided Minds.

Terry Popp and Judy Dragon give us a direct experience of the world of the multiple and of the long and often difficult journey towards integration in this inspiring and life-affirming book. As therapists and teachers who have spent many years working with subpersonalities, we feel that this work is a real contribution both to the multiples and to the people who know them.

Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.
Co-creators of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves. Authors of many books, including Embracing Our Selves: The Voice Dialogue Manual.

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