Modalities Used To Aid Healing

I was as kind as I could be to my body: I swam, walked, had massages, sacro-cranial work, Feldenkreis, acupuncture. Memory work is hard labor. —Terry

In 1990, after reading Vicki Noble's book, Shakti Woman, I intuitively knew I needed to work with a shaman to help me on my journey. Within two weeks, I met a medicine woman named Leslie who changed my life....

All the therapies I received [including Jin Shin Jyutsu] helped me come into my body in a new way. —Brooke

It is said that Rapid Eye Technology actually changes emotions at a cellular level, and that new neural pathways are developed, exactly as in REM sleep. This seems to have been the case with my experiences. —Margaret

While visiting in his home, I was introduced to a counselor who used Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) to release and repattern beliefs being held in the mind. I immediately made an appointment. As we worked together, fleeting, indistinct visual memories stirred from their locked vaults. Emotions welled up in me as if pockets of trapped information had been waiting decades to be unlocked. I knew terrible things had occurred to my body. It was a major shake-up of my view of my history.... —Dixie

The cellular memory was a powerful, graphic, and painful reminder of all that had happened. Several hours of Rapid Eye, massage, craniosacral, Reiki, DNA release, therapeutic touch, and sensory stimulation were instrumental in this difficult forgiveness process. —Carol

In addition to therapy, 12-Step meetings became part of my life. I wrote voluminously and kept track of my dreams and therapy sessions. I attempted to meditate, but the timing wasn’t right; each time I closed my eyes to concentrate on my breath, or follow a taped meditation, I was flooded with memories, fears and tears. I was as kind as I could be to my body: I swam, walked, had massages, sacro-cranial work, Feldenkreis, acupuncture. Memory work is hard labor.... For added support, another survivor and I joined with four other women every two weeks. We met for over five years… We used 12-Step as a framework, telling our stories within the boundaries of the Steps. How life affirming to have our memories, feelings, fears listened to and validated, and to know that arms were always there to hug us when needed. —Terry

Because of my fractionated personalities and abuse memories, life took on a dreamlike quality—a waking dream. Time became mystical; it collapsed into one moment and/or expanded into many realities.…It is within this non-linear context that my Spiritual Guides act. As my Higher (not Highest) Power, they guide me to experiences that enable me to access life’s deeper meanings. In this way, I can incorporate knowledge and wisdom from many different philosophies: mythology, Shamanism, Judaism, Christianity, Eastern and New Age thought. —Lindsey

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