When I finally felt the desire for a relationship, I knew I had come a long way in working out my childhood abandonment. Terry

Meeting new people is hard for me. I feel like I'm a Vietnam War vet and am not sure how much of my history to disclose, how to share or what not to share… How do you say to someone that you've been in a war, but it was a war that society does not acknowledge? This is something I am trying to work out. –Brooke

Relationships seem to improve as I am more at peace with myself. –Dixie

...I am thoroughly enjoying my seven year relationship with my husband Jason. He continues to teach me how to see, even though he is one hundred percent physically blind. I am now completely comfortable with my sexuality... –Susan

In the Relationship Seminar, I had the opportunity to improve my relationship with my daughter and husband. I still had difficulty defining my role as a mother versus a therapist. One day my daughter came to me when she was dealing with some difficult issues. I asked if I could help her through them. She said she needed me to be her Mom, not her therapist. That concerned me; I knew how to help her as a therapist, but the only thing I knew how to do as a Mom was to give her love and a listening ear. Somehow that seemed inadequate. As I prayed, I was given confirmation that unconditional love was the greatest gift I could give as a mother. I was relieved and grateful....

I have never been more at peace within, nor had as strong a desire to live. My ability to love my husband, family, and others has never been so unencumbered. My mother is now my friend. –Carol

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