Spiritual Experiences and Insights

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a Creator, but not one who is anything like what I was taught. —Susan

All I know is that God Is. While the spirituality of it is real for me, I never fit as a molly Mormon, more like a Zen Mormona... more metaphysical mode. —Margaret

Call me Mare... I am the healthy part that never fragments... I direct at the soul level... and I have loved Dixie even when she hated herself. —Dixie

More than any other factor in my healing, the uncovering of my spirituality has been the most valuable. In the past, spirituality was not a word I would have even thought to use.…One spring day in 1994, while listening to Rachmaninoff’s Variations On a Theme by Paganini, I was flooded by an emotion so deep, I gasped. The tears came—painful, wrenching tears. I remembered that my parents had been communists, materialists: if they couldn’t taste it, hear it, see it, touch it, it didn’t exist. The importance for me, however, lies, not in the senses themselves, but in allowing them to unlock my feelings, and then allowing the feelings to connect me with something larger than myself, something outside myself. I call that something the Divine. In earlier days, I would have laughed at the word. My parents had equated spirituality with religion—a crutch, they said, an opiate of the masses—and punished me for any sign or display of "spirituality." I cried, both in remembrance of that past prohibition, and in relief that I was now free to feel and express whatever I needed to feel and express. —Terry

It might seem strange to refer to fragmented components of the personality as spiritual icons, yet they knew what I couldn’t and didn’t understand... They were real and were charged with the spark of the Creator’s presence... On a spiritual level, I view multiplicity as an archetype in my understanding of the Original Dissociation—being separated or dissociated from the Creator. —Lindsey

During my NDE [Near Death Experience], I was given complete choice as to whether or not to return to this earth or life... a miniature holographic image appeared before me as he showed me the man I was to partner with... the man’s name was Jason, that he was very near to entering my life, and that he would also take his own life should I not return. For some reason, after this experience I was able to keep from shifting again...

After my NDE, I gained an "I am," an inside definition of myself, and a sense of my true value. I realized that I was loved, which gave me an "I" who was inherently lovable! —Susan

My spirit self was watching the events, and as I (as Anna), was dying, I remember going through a tunnel toward an incredibly bright light. When I reached the top, I was in the most beautiful garden and meadow setting I had ever seen... I was given the choice to stay there or return to complete my mission on earth. I felt their unconditional love in every fiber of my being.... I recalled the most incredible events of the kidnapping... [My kidnapper] left me for dead... [I recalled] reentering my battered body... becoming conscious off and on and seeing the kind, loving faces of an older man and lady by my bedside. They were surrounded by extraordinary light... I was cared for and nurtured back to health by Edith and Oliver... [T]hey drove me back to my apartment... I drove back to the exact spot of their home. I found a vacant lot. According to the city records, there had never been a house there. —Carol

I had a near death experience (NDE), during which I was told by the beings of Light that I must complete my purpose and be present for the transformation of the planet. —Lindsey

Having an entity in my body is like having a cloud hanging over me and standing in its shadow....

I still do trance work by myself and during therapy, not only to process memory work, but to hear what my spirit guides are saying to me... [A]s a result of talking with my Guides, I have learned how to surrender....

The Soul Retrieval revolves around finding one’s lost parts and bringing them back into the body....

The reason for doing animal totem work is…it grounds the Spirit and connects one with a healing source that is the realm of the Spirit Animals. —Brooke

...I addressed the universe. I declared my intention, knowing it was honored by God... As he [my ex-husband] and I spoke for the first time in nine years, I told him I recognized that what he had been exhibiting in this life was not who he really is, and I believed we had pre-mortally agreed to provide great learning experiences for one another. —Dixie

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