Theta DNA Activation



ThetaHealing® Technique combines the awareness of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics into a simple, easy, user-friendly, and dynamic modality as well as a way of being based in Love and Integrity connected to The Energy-That-Runs-Through-All-Of-Creation (often referred to as Creator/Source All-That-IS). There is no religious dogma or hierarchy, only a blending of many spiritual components and principles. Practitioners believe in the ultimate interconnectedness of all beings with one another and with Creation. We respect all religions and find them all to contain an aspect of Truth. There are people of every religion who practice and receive ThetaHealing®, and they all bring a beautiful, rich diversity to it.

This amazing work was developed by Vianna Stibal, a naturopath, minister and intuitive, through her own miraculous and instaneous healing of bone cancer (lymphoma) in 1995, and through her continuous connection with Creator-All-That-Is, to bring forth all the levels of ThetaHealing® that is offered today. 

Vianna has been signed to a lifetime contract with Hay House Publishing, the largest metaphysical publishers in the world. ThetaHealing® now has iBooks and regular soft cover books that have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and German with many more languages soon to come.


To expand the legitimacy of ThetaHealing Techique, there is now the ThetaHealing Japanese Medical Association founded by Tsuyoshi Kushida M.D (HUB-K), Certified Neurosurgeon, who has been approved to practice ThetaHealing® officially at two hospitals in Japan and in a clinic.   Hub-K introduced Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi to ThetaHealing® who is famous for leading a medical team that develops heart assist devices and artificial hearts in Japan and has also been involved in laser medicine research serving as the President of Suzuka University of Medical Science and Technology. Many Japanese doctors use ThetaHealing in their practice.

Please take a look at Vianna on Lifetime TV's "The Balancing Act" & YouTube. [start at 16:15 to 35:53 and then 41:00 to 56:59]



The simplicity of ThetaHealing® occurs as the trained practitioner easily drops into a theta brainwave state in seconds. You can learn the meditiation by going to The Theta or Dream wave is also known as the Quantum field where all possibilities exist simultaneously (in this NOW moment). When ThetaHealers® are trained to shift quickly into this theta wave through a deep meditative state, it is with the specific intention of connecting to 'ALL THINGS BEING ONE' in the highest form. With focused thought in this Theta brainwave, a co-creative experience occurs where the quantum field shifts into that intentioned reality creating the change instantaneously. When we see it happen in the body, it is like a sacred form of remote viewing in witnessing the misaligned form just energetically or atomically change. [The visible world is the invisible organization of energy.- Physicist Heinz Pagels]

It takes the skill and knowledge of the practitioner in maintaining a deep connection to the Energy of ALL-That-IS along with clearing their own limiting beliefs to be able to facilitate and witness for others and themselves. That is why there are many levels of study in ThetaHealing®--to support the spiritual progression and expansion of creative possibilities in each of us.



Since all conditions exist in Creation, all can be transformed. Clients and practitioners use Thetahealing® for personal, business, health, relationship and spiritual change and progress as it creates openings to unlimited possibilities and addresses anything getting in the way of experiencing & creating what one truly desires.

Sometimes conditions or situations are ready to change instaneously, and it just takes witnessing of this change. I have personally witnessed the complete change of a wide range of conditions including cancer, severe back injuries, spinal curvatures, prolapsed bladder, allergies to cats, vision impairment, dental issues, kidney stones, headaches, muscle spasms, knee injuries, mental disorders including depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder, toxic heavy metals & parasites, the change of viruses and bacteria, broken bones & hernias. I've also been witness to immediate changes on the spiritual levels--parasitical energies removed (emotional hooks, waywards, entities, curses, psychic attacks, and non-medical implants)--and emotional levels like relationships--family, spouse, children--and issues of abuse, grief, anger, weight and finances. I know that everything is possible through the Energy of ALL-That-IS.




No. Thetahealers® work not only with people but animal companions, inanimate objects, land clearings, the plant and tree world, and spirit/entity release with amazing results… anything can change in the Highest and Best way through the Energy of ALL-That-IS.


A typical session is based on each individual's goals and progress--how much time, emotional energy, and financial energy they choose to invest in their own personal transformation. In being aware of my connection to the 7th Plane of Existence, I scan the client's energy field and body to see/hear/ sense what is going on for the person. The scanning also allows the beliefs to be triggered from the sub-conscious mind to the surface, or conscious mind.  This assists in finding the source of why a person may be holding onto a disease, condition, or life situation.

Sometimes, if it is a specific condition that is needing transformation, the change can be instaneous as there may not be beliefs attached thus that concern is complete in just one session. Other times, people support their issues/projects and transformation by having  regularly scheduled sessions which includes deeper belief work changes until their individual goals have been met. It is up to the client how they would like to proceed.

My role as the facilitator is to hold a sacred and safe space for the client, to set the direction for the healing, to be the observer/witness of the change in a non-judgmental way, and to support the client in understanding and releasing the pattern of beliefs and programs. I use presence, through direct questions, in guiding the person to their fears and programs through the Four Level Belief Work. This allows a quickening so a true and permanent change will occur. Each belief changed or a Creator's teaching witnessed, is a healing in itself.

ThetaHealing® includes many amazing techniques to support the change of stress and conditions. A DNA activation is included free with any session that is an hour or more to support immunity and healing.



I invite you to come into the session with an attitude and intention of being ready, willing, and wanting positive change. Remember that you are the co-creator of your life.

Be clear of what issues you want to work on during the session. Jot down when the condition or situation might have started. If it’s possible to connect with your feelings around the issue, see how this situation or condition has made you feel, and how it might be serving you (what are you learning from it) both negatively and positively to be able to rapidly accelerate the pace of your session. The more you can feel, the more you can heal.

It is helpful to have a list of medications and/or supplements that are taken and amounts of each along with any cleanses you may be on.

It is important to be fully hydrated with water (not teas, coffee or soda), because this will allow the energy testing for belief work to be clear and strong. During most sessions, energy testing will be needed and several methods can be used depending whether it’s in person or though a phone or skype session. If you are doing the session by phone or skype, make sure you know where north is in the space you'll be in.

Please read about the Four Belief Level Work at for a more indepth understanding of this aspect of ThetaHealing.



Yes. An exciting aspect of ThetaHealing® is that it can be learned. It has been taught to thousands all over the world, and hundreds have even become instructors. ( Children as young as 5 have learned simple and fun aspects of the ThetaHealing® through the Children of the Rainbow workshops. I have personally taught hundreds of participants in my 17 years of practice. There are levels, from the Foundational series and the In-depth levels, for those who want to delve in the richness of Creation. [For further information, click here ]



There have been many contexts for the understanding of Remote Viewing. It's meaning and training is diverse depending on how it is being applied. If you read Jon Ronson's book or saw the movie, "Men Who Stare At Goats," you will have but a simple taste of how remote viewing has been and is used which is not in the awareness of this Divine connection to All-That-Is. Governments and private corporations have been working with this technology for at least sixty years as it has been covertly hidden, fear-based and controlled. Our own government supposedly stopped one of its CIA program, under the heading of Project Stargate in 1995 , which was used for spying and the control of others. There are international societies for the advancement of this technology, many still connected with these covert activities. Always use discernment in viewing any website. Resources