Theta DNA Activation




Theta/DNA workshops are dynamic in that they continually evolve as information is tapped into by Vianna. Her refinement of this information continues to make the sharing of ThetaHealing® easier to understand and to practice.

Based on the most recently updated material from Vianna, I've been training participants for 20 years to become Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioners starting with the Foundational level
--the 3-day Basic Level 1-2 practitioner certification, the 3-day Advanced certification and 2 days Dig Deeper. I use lecture, experiential exercises and powerpoint as a blended way to create full & exciting days of fun, creativity, profound teachings and healings.

With the foundational level completed, there are many avenues to explore.  Practitioners can participate in 1 or 2-day electives, World Relations or enter into upper division workshops that go towards becoming a ThetaHealing Master or ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, the highest level.

Additionally, students are supported in their learning of the ThetaHealing® Techniques through the monthly Online Paradigm Shifters' Practicum. (scroll to Theta/DNA Support Groups)

A nurse provider for CEU's for California RN's and LVN's, will approve 19 CEU's for the Basic Level 1-2 and 18 CEU's for the Advanced. I am not the provider but will give contact information to register for this. She charges $75.

For California Acupuncturists, I am a provider, and two of the workshops have been approved for 19 CE's and one is 13 CE's all in Category 1. There is a small $5 fee for processing  the CE's. More details are under the Basic And Advanced Workshop.

Vianna has announced that all practitioners must renew their certification of the Basic and Advanced every five years in order to use the registered trademarked name of ThetaHealing Technique®. Any former students are welcome to participate in these trainings along with new students, whether they simply want an opportunity to review what they've previously studied and/or renew their certification. I offer former students special pricing if their last certification was less than 5 years. Additionally, you can recertify the Advanced by taking the 2-day Dig Deeper workshop.

There is a Grant/Scholarship program for the Basic & Advanced Workshop. Details are under Basic Workshop registration. This is not applicable towards Nursing or Acupuncture CEU payment.

All courses that I teach are certified to apply towards requirements for the ThetaHealingInstititute of Knowledge® (THinK®). I have also completed all requirements through Certificate of Science as an Instructor.

Bring ThetaHealing® workshops to your area. The Workshop organizer will receive free attendance, the workshop will be listed on my website and Vianna's website, plus there is financial compensation for each student enrolled. You are welcome to contact me regarding available dates, minimum number of students and other related information so that I can bring these expansive and creative teachings to your area.

Please take a moment to read the workshop schedules for topics to be covered, dates and the pricing (below)

I also offer Bill Me Later through Paypal on the workshops to make it easier for you to participate.

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You will be entering the non-dualistic  world of metaphysics and quantum physics with a full 3-days of fun, exploration and application of healing techniques and belief work. Get ready to change your perceptions and start to grow to be a better version of yourself with support and care.



DATES & LOCATION: February 15-17 , 2019


TIME: 10 AM to 6 PM each day




     Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required for any workshop. Please email me at .

Foundational and Elective Workshops

There is $100 deposit for each workshop except when traveling out of my area to teach. Fees would then be adjusted with the deposits separated from the course fee.

All workshops payments are Non-transferrable and Non-refundable.  Please be clear if you will be attending.

Single workshops can receive a $20 scholarship if the full payment is completed at least two weeks prior.

Individual Packages (per person) are available if full payment is completed at least 2 weeks prior to the first workshop and are used within one year of first class taken unless discussed with Instructor.

One 3-day workshop: $495.

One 2-day workshop: $425.

Two 3-day workshops in a year-$900

Three workshops (two 3-days and one 2-day in a year): $1290 *Receive one-30 minute group online practicum for questions after

Four workshops (two 3-days and two 2-days in a year): $1660  *Receive one-30 minute group online practicum for questions after + free annual winter solstice party


      For Review students or those recertifying (every 5 years required): All ThetaHealing® practitioners who have trained in the last five years from a certified ThetaHealing® instructor are welcome to review the complete workshop for $245 if the entire payment is received two weeks in advance; thereafter it's $250. The Basic Student workbook is included. Vianna's Basic text, "ThetaHealing," is available for purchase.

      Please contact me at or 707-542-5502  


NOTESBring notepad and writing implements. Vianna's textbook, "ThetaHealing®," and Theta Student manual are included for the Basic workshop. If this is review course, you will receive the Theta Student manual only. The Basic textbook is available for purchase.

        You are welcome to bring your lunch or there are restaurants nearby.



1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me first that you will be attending. After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the left side area, and put in my email,

2. Money orders and local checks if received at least 2 weeks prior, are also accepted. Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address


    Continuing Education Units  (CEU) 

1. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for Provider BRN06951—19 CEU’s  for RN's & LVN's. There is a $75 separate CEU fee which is sent directly to the nursing provider. I do not collect or keep the fee. A short written exam and a demonstration of the ThetaHealing technniques are required at the end of the workshop. When registering, please tell me of your interest.

2. For Acupuncturists, you will receive 19 CE's for a small fee of $5 and a demonstration of the ThetaHealing technniques at the end of the workshop. When registering, please tell me of your interest.



    Special Grant/Scholarship program for participating in both the Basic and Advanced workshops: [NOTE: This is not applicable towards Nursing, or Acupuncturists' CEU's payment, and is different than scholarships offered if workshops are paid at least 2 weeks prior to classes.]

       This program is only applicable for those who not only have real financial need, but who are truly interested in ThetaHealing as a way to change their lives and the lives of others...a real commitment to your personal growth and planetary healing. It’s an honoring of oneself and All-That-Is in knowing that you have been given a gift of deep value and that you want to share this with others. 

       Grant/Scholarship Forms must be completed at least four weeks before any Basic workshop. Email me to receive one. There are only partial and limited financial allocations available  What can be offered will then be divided in half to be applied to both the Basic and Advanced courses taught by me...both courses must be taken within a six month period to receive the full amount. You will be notified 3 weeks before the Basic workshop begins if you have received a Grant/Scholarship.

        If you receive a Grant/Scholarship for the workshop, you are:

1. Required to pay for your own housing, food, and what remains from the division of the Grant/Scholarship

2. To show up each day of the workshop on time

3. Distribute, post, or email ten flyers where you feel it would be applicable

4. Help set up before or clean up after (if necessary)

5. Write a testimony of your experience of the workshop for my website within two weeks after participation. You are not required to give your full name.

6. Use the manifestation techniques and belief work taught in the Basic workshop so that you can help fund yourself for the Advance workshop along with the funds from the second half of the Grant/Scholarship. The Advanced workshop will give you the deeper awareness supporting you in being a more skilled practitioner and furthering  your ThetaHealing education.

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PREQUISITE: Basic Level 1-2 required from Certified Theta Instructor in previous four years

This workshop will deepen your awareness of the Seven Planes of Existence as you understand, clear beliefs and "travel" to the different Planes. The energy of the class is very different from the Basic workshop as participants have already learned belief work and Creator's teachings. Delve more into your digging skills, enjoy the relaxation of receiving over 400 Creator's teachings plus new and fun techniques. This class is imperative to understand the richness and depth of ThetaHealing® and is the second part of the foundational series.




DATES & LOCATIONS: April 5-7, 2019, Friday through Sunday in Santa Rosa, CA


TIME: 10 AM to 6 PM each day




         Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required. Please contact me at or 707-542-5502



There is $100 deposit for each workshop except when traveling out of my area to teach. Fees would then be adjusted with the deposits separated from the course fee.

All workshops payments are Non-transferrable and Non-refundable. Be clear if you will be attending.


         Foundational and Elective Workshops

Single workshops can receive a $20 scholarship if purchased two weeks prior or more.

Packages are to be purchased at least 2 weeks prior to any workshop to receive the pricing and to be used within one year of first class taken unless discussed with Instructor.


One 3-day workshop: $495

One 2-day workshop: $425

Two 3-day workshops in a year-$900

Three workshops (two 3-days and one 2-day in a year): $1280

Four workshops (two 3-days and two 2-days in a year): $1660


For Review students or those recertifying (every 5 years required): All ThetaHealing® practitioners who have trained in the last five years from a certified ThetaHealing instructor are welcome to review the complete workshop for $245 if the entire payment is received at least two weeks in advance; thereafter it's $250. The Advanced Student workbook is included. The Advanced text book is additional. 

NOTEBring notepad and writing implements. Vianna's Advanced book is included as well as Theta Student manuals for new students. You are welcome to bring your lunch or there are restaurants nearby.



1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me first that you will be attending. After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the left side area, and put in my email,

2. Money orders or local check received at least 2 weeks prior, are also accepted. Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address


   Continuing Education Units    

Provider-approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for Provider BRN06951—18 CEU’s  for RN's & LVN's. There is a $75 separate CEU fee which is sent directly to the Nursing Provider. I do not collect or keep the fee. A short written exam and a demonstration of the ThetaHealing technniques are required at the end of the workshop. When registering, please tell me of your interest.

There is 19 CE's available to all Ca. Acupuncturist in Category 1. There is a small fee of $5 for certificate. When registering, please tell me of your interest.          


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PREQUISITE: Basic Level 1-2 and Advanced ThetaHealing®. Please feel comfortable in your digging abilities as well as witnessing Creator's teachings and the Four Level Belief work to get the most out of the workshop. This is a gateway course to be able to take 5-day World Relations (besides the 15 day Intuitive Anatomy)

This workshop will review the digging strategies from the different levels of ThetaHealing courses. We will explore 8 ways to 'dig' down the rabbit hole so you can use your skills from any angle to support your client or yourself. There will be several demonstrations, a great deal of practice and caring support.  Ready to play?



LOCATION:  Santa Rosa, CA

DATES: May 4-5, 2019 , Saturday-Sunday


TIME: 10 AM to 6 PM each day


        The Santa Rosa workshop is a total of $425. There is $100 deposit included in the total which is non-transferable and non-returnable...please be sure you will be attending. To receive a $25 scholarship, payment is due in full at least 2 weeks in advance.


        Please contact me at or 707-542-5502. Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required for any workshop.


       *There are 13 CE's available to all California Acupuncturist in Category 1. There is a small fee of $5 for the certificate. When registering, please tell me of your interest.


1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me first that you will be attending. After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the left side area, and put in my email,

2. Cash or money orders are also accepted (No personal checks unless received 2 weeks prior to class). Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address.


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PREQUISITE: Basic Level 1-2  and Advanced ThetaHealing® workshops required from a Certified Theta Instructor in previous five years. Please feel comfortable in your digging abilities as well as witnessing Creator's teachings and the Four Level Belief work to get the most out of the workshop.

You do not have to wait for life to happen but actively and consciously participate in creating your own reality. This is called active manifestation.   In this two-day workshop, you will experience the awareness of Remembering Your Future from the 7th Plane rather than 'seeing' your future from this now point forward. You will also "see" aspects of your Divine Timing. This workshop is amazingly dynamic, interactive and very shifting with over 100 genetic and history beliefs to clear.  You will also become aware of the blocks that hinder you from creating what you really want, how to create a plan to move forward in your personal and soul goals, and how to work with the events leading up to your Divine Timing more easily.

LOCATION:  In Santa Rosa, CA.


TIME: 10 AM to 6 PM each day




  • Learn about the blocks and beliefs around manifesting
  • Test and Clear 100 beliefs around Abundance and Manifestation
  • Clear Regrets and fears that block your opulence and soul passion
  • How to create abundance in your daily life
  • Understanding Divine Timing
  • Remembering your Future—know what you came here to create and see it unfold
  • Learn how to charge/assign jobs to Non-organic material
  • Training your mind for success
  • More Creator’s teachings for abundance


    Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required for any workshop.


     This workshop is a total of $425 including a $100 deposit (all non-transferable and non-returnable...please be sure you will be attending). There is a $25 scholarship if paid in full at least two weeks in advance. Please contact me at or 707-542-5502.

     For Review students: All ThetaHealing® practitioners who have taken this workshop in the last five years from a certified ThetaHealing instructor are welcome to review the complete workshop for $190 if the entire payment is received two weeks in advance; thereafter it's $200.



     Payment  for the Santa Rosa workshop

1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me first that you will be attending. After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the left side area, and put in my email,

2. Money orders or local checks if received 2 weeks prior to class, are also accepted. Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address


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PREQUISITE: Basic Level 1-2, Advanced ThetaHealing® and Intuitive Anatomy workshops OR Basic & Advance Teachers' certification are required. Please feel comfortable in your digging abilities as well as witnessing Creator's teachings and the Four Level Belief work to get the most out of the workshop.

We all want World Peace but what is really stopping this from happening? As the saying goes, "Let peace begin with me." In evaluating this, do you have prejudices, hatreds, resentments, anger, grudges, feelings of disempowerment towards countries, cultures, religions and/or spiritual groups that you feel impede you from being the shining being that you are?

Welcome to a dynamic opportunity to discover and release deep genetic and history beliefs of places you might never have experienced, release hidden feelings of discontentment, free your energy to travel anywhere and be with whomever you choose with a sense of wonderment and curiosity. Become a real Peacemaker.



    Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required for any workshop.


    This upper level, in-depth workshop is a total of $875 (non-transferable and non-returnable...please be sure you will be attending). There is a $40 scholarship if paid in full two weeks in advance ($835). Please contact me at or 707-542-5502.


1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me first that you will be attending. After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the left side area, and put in my email,

2. Money orders or local checks if received 2 weeks prior to class, are also accepted. Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address


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PREQUISITE: Basic Level 1-2, Advanced ThetaHealing® and Dig Deeper practitioner; OR Basic & Advanced Instructors' and Dig Deeper certification are required.

Would you like to trust yourself more deeply in the decisions you make? Would you like to understand the deepest motivations for your decisions that might have created an undercurrent of regret, resentments, rejections, revenge, or difficult feelings? Would you like a faster way to clear this? Would you like to know how to be receptive to the communications with Creator-of-All to discover your motivations and the deepest, clearest Truth? If so, then this dynamic workshop is for you!

You will spend two days focused on exploring your subconscious mind and the sub-levels of the 4 level belief work. You will learn a faster way to discern and dig around your decisions you've made with the deeper motivations they have created. You will be more aware of what might block your deepest connection with Creator-of-All at the 7th Plane and what can help you stay receptive and clearer to experience your connection. You will feel a shift in resetting your mind in archiving your past and future memories.

         LOCATION:  Santa Rosa, CA.


DATES: January 19-20, 2019, Saturday-Sunday


TIME: 10 AM to 6 PM each day



The workshop is a a total of $425. There is $100 deposit included in the total which is non-transferable and non-returnable...please be sure you will be attending. To receive a $20 scholarship, payment is due in full no later than two weeks prior. Please contact me first to receive registration information at or 707-542-5502


Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required for any workshop.


1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me FIRST that you will be attending.  After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the left side area, and put in my email,              

2. Money orders or local checks if received 2 weeks prior to class, are also accepted. Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address.



        PREQUISITE: Basic Level 1-2 and Advanced ThetaHealing®. Please feel comfortable in your digging abilities as well as witnessing Creator's teachings and the Four Level a Belief work to get the most out of the workshop.

       The Soul Mate Workshop is not only for those who want to manifest for a most compatible romantic partner but for those in relationships to allow for a deepening        of  their relationship, a wonderful way to understand the dynmamics of what true romantic partnership really is. This is a fun and insightful elective workshop.

      LOCATION:  Santa Rosa, CA


      DATES: TBA


     TIME: 11 AM to 5 PM each day


    Workshop space is limited, and reservations are required for any workshop.


     This two-day fun and insightful elective workshop is a total of $250 plus a $50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit. Completion of payment is due two weeks prior  to the workshop. Please contact me at or 707-542-5502.



1. Paypal (choose from instant transfer, debit and credit card; no e-checks) is available in order to pay the deposit or entire workshop fee. To complete your transaction, make sure you contact me first that you will be attending. If you wish to avoid the fee, please let me know first to explain what that entails.

2. After, you can go to the paypal site,, sign-in, click "send money" on the top toolbar, put in my email, and the amount, click goods or services and click "continue", decide what form of transaction you want to do, and then click "send payment."

3. Money orders or local checks if received 2 weeks prior to class, are also accepted. Please call 707-542-5502 or email for my mailing address


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     I have taken Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper workshops and practicums from Judy. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to develop knowledge and skills of ThetaHealing, take a class with her. Her lessons are well organized and enhanced with clear and beautiful slide presentations. But most important to me, was the encouragement and support in learning to practice ThetaHealing.

Students are guided through the processes as they practice working together. She would gently step in when I felt unsure of my next step; always encouraging and positive. After my most recent class with Judy, I feel prepared to be able to start my Theta Healing practice. I am confident that I will be able to help the clients that I meet with. 

Laura Tripp, ThetaHealing Advanced practitioner, Ca.


     I was curious about ThetaHealing for a long time through friends and connections; and then personal experience in receiving a few sessions. Every person I spoke with highly recommended Judy.
      I took the Basic and Advanced (2017) with her. She has supported me personally to ask the hard questions of myself to knock the dust off my unresolved issues and move forward with my goals. She is enormously talented, intuitive, caring, and nonjudgmental. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is delighted to work with curious people like myself. Judy has even developed complimentary curriculum on the healing of the inner child, a method I have watched personally with amazing results.
      As I grow in health, my work and school performance has skyrocketed and my confidence increases every day. I would highly recommend the ThetaHealing Technique to literally anyone. And as for a teacher – I’m so grateful to have found Judy.

G. P. Gomez, Pittsburg, Ca

      "I attended the 'Basic DNA Healing' and 'Advanced DNA' workshops Judy led in early 2017. I found her to be knowledgeable and great at her craft. During only one part of the Advanced workshop with Judy, I was able to get closure on severe childhood physical trauma that I couldn't resolve any other way I tried. The very next day, I experienced an increase in range of motion in the affected area. It seems the impact of the original injury completely disappeared. At another part of the same workshop, I ended a grudge I'd been carrying for 20 years. Clearing that out has made me more open to compassion and love in my day-to-day life. The more I do this work, the more effective I am with my family, my friends, and my clients. I confidently recommend Judy for ThetaHealing seminars and one-on-one work." 

~Nim G., San Francisco, CA


"I recently took the Basic DNA Theta class in September 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed this course.  You can read the books but it's nothing compared to the class instruction plus the hands on exercises and demonstrations.  I was not expecting this time to bring up issues I needed to face and Judy was loving, supportive, and non-judgmental in and through it all.  It's often not until we're in the position of BEING the practitioner, where issues (for us) can arise, and I'd like to bring this point home to anyone reading this.  It was invaluable to have my trainer right there IN those moments guide and to walk me through them.  I also valued Judy's knowledge and insight that she brings into her class from her many years of experience.  Class instruction also allows for questions and answers and this is something a book will not provide.  I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who wishes to delve further into Theta Healing.  I promise you will not regret it! "

 ~Danielle B., South Carolina


      "I attended the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA classes In July '16 with only one week in between. I liked Judy's professional and methodical approach to the subject matter. And Judy's passion for ThetaHealing was very inspirational. I helped myself while learning to help others. The exercises we did during the classes cleared so much of my junk, and I received a lot of beneficial downloads from Judy. I felt all of my chakras opening more and more as the days went by. When I returned home, everything was different. It was like I was learning to walk again with my new legs. I made a shift, and I like the new place I am in. Also, I am able to get in touch with Creator much more quickly now and my meditations are so much deeper.
Thank you, Judy, for a wonderful experience."
Love, Walter; AL.

      "A dear friend, who learned ThetaHealing Technique from Judy and who I first experienced ThetaHealing with, recommended the workshops with Judy. I was amazed how quickly it helped me to change my life. It was then that I wanted to learn this modality so I can share it with others. 
       Taking Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing workshop in May and July 2016 gave me so many healing tools I can now use with clients, loved ones and bring to the world. I experienced a lot of healing during the classes as well as had many insights and realizations about my own patterns of reacting and behaviors. The workshops cleared up many of my personal negative beliefs and programs. My awareness was expanded, and beliefs that I wasn't even aware of came to surface for clearing. I had a chance to change many during the classes which ultimately changed my life again. I have studied many healing modalities, and from my experience, ThetaHealing is the fastest way to change one's life and clear out negative beliefs and programs from the subconscious.
       I am very grateful to Judy for this opportunity in healing and for introducing ThetaHealing in such a clear and thorough manner. She is an excellent teacher and is committed to providing quality training for practitioners. I have heard from others, who have taken ThetaHealing from other instructors, that they haven't learned many of the things that Judy has covered in her classes. If you are thinking of learning ThetaHealing, I highly recommend learning it from Judy to ensure you receive proper training.         

     Thank you so much and see you at one of your online practicums :-)"

Iryna Aronov, MFT


       In participating in the Paradigm Shifters' Online practicum on the topic of grief (July '16), I liked how Judy invited the input from the participants as well as how she delivered the information, which was a good amount. It was interesting, very helpful generally - actually throughout, and I was very engaged! I appreciated her including some exercises to work on ourselves and share with clients. I was simultaneously having insights about ways to support clients as well as gaining insights about my own process through long term grief from my childhood and current grief around letting go of family members. Listening and receiving the downloads has helped me shift a bit, and I'm grateful for that! I found it all a good balance. 

VJ, Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner


        "Deciding to take the ThetaHealing Basic in December 2015 and then the Advanced class in March 2016 from Judy, were the best things I've ever done for myself…they have changed my life!

        Judy chose me to do the digging in front of the class for the Basic. I have been living the last 20 years with a huge part me myself missing, lying to myself that I must have been healed from the brutal homicide of my mother, but I wasn't. During the digging, Judy had Creator return a huge soul fragment back to me. I cry tears of gratitude just writing this! After the workshop, I was integrating and evaluating all the shifts and energy work that was done. I have to say that I am in an entirely new space. It is a profound shift, and for that, I am forever grateful. 

        The other healings I experienced on a personal level from the classes are, in themselves, worth every penny that the classes cost. The Advanced class brought everything together that was introduced in the Basic. The tools and life skills I've learned are phenomenal…how to stay connected to Spirit and grounded simultaneously. Just doing the ThetaHealing meditation every morning has changed my life.

         Judy is a wonderful teacher. I loved her teaching style, hands-on exercises, and amazing PowerPoint presentation. She is passionate about her work, and I could feel her genuine love and support for every student as she connected with each one.

         I've finally found a potent modality that can truly help my family, my clients, and myself heal on so many levels.  

         Thank you for loving humanity enough to teach us this wonderful modality.

          In gratitude!" 

Brenda Firestine, CA, massage therapist, Advanced ThetaHealer


     "I met Judy in December of 2009 where she spoke to my area on ThetaHealing. I decided to then take the Basic Thetahealing in February 2010. Though I had a really good feeling about the Advanced workshop, I didn't decide to take it until March 2016.  I am so glad I did! Judy is such an amazing intuitive and teacher. She had the answer for every question our class could possibly ask, and her workshops are loaded with so much information and knowledge about Thetahealing.  After the Advanced was over, I felt a huge shift in my life. I now wake up everyday feeling depression is completely gone!  I feel that it's easier to love and value myself,  that I am wanting to feed my body healthier foods. Judy has helped me heal parts of myself I thought were broken, and I will forever be grateful to her and the work that she does." 

Brianna Aragon, Oakley, CA.

     "I first found Judy years ago by receiving private sessions with her, which opened up some places within myself that I was not able to see prior. She supported me through some challenging times that actually gave me some awareness and relief, understanding and breakthroughs.       

     Out of my curiosity, I wanted to learn more. I took her Basic ThetaHealing workshop in 2011 and then recently completed the Advanced workshop in March 2016.  
      Judy is an amazing teacher! She is so clear, direct, compassionate, non-judgmental, and she creates a safe environment for students to work and clear on core belief issues. For me, these qualities are important part of the work. I find ThetaHealing more powerful then the average talk therapy. It's strong and effective bringing more Light to Life! I highly recommend Judy's work to anyone who needs support, safety, understanding and help in Moving Beyond!  
      Thank you, Judy for your great work on the planet!"  

Tara Shorey, CA., Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, massage therapist, artist


     "Judy has definitely found her calling with ThetaHealing along with the sharing of it with others. I took the Basic with her in 2009, and literally waited to move back to my town to be able to get my Advanced certification with her in March 2016. She is clear, concise, patient, and warmly supportive. It is my plan to continue to work with her as a student and a client. I can't recommend her enough!"

Cinnamon Girodengo, CA.

     "I have been blessed to have had incredible teachers in my life, and I am now even more blessed to add Judy Dragon to my list of teachers. I took her Advanced ThetaHealing course in March 2016.  Judy shared her years of knowledge in a way that was easy for everyone in the group to understand, even complex information.  I left feeling empowered and positively changed forever.  

      Thanks sooo much Judy.  I will be back!"
Janice Noehulani, NM

     "I took Basic ThetaHealing in December 2015 and the Advanced ThetaHealing in March 2016 from Judy.  Judy is an experienced and gifted teacher with a rich, in-depth knowledge of energetic healing.   She’s kind, encouraging and supportive of each and every student in both classes I attended and truly wants us to be empowered with skills to improve our lives and our happiness.  The lady walks her talk...."

Peggy SH, AZ.

     "I met Judy in May 2012 when I attended the Basic ThetaHealing workshop she taught in Bishop, California. It was an amazing class and I knew I wanted more, which resulted in taking the Advanced class. The classes introduced the process in which to access the 7th Plane, how to align with the Creator-of-All-That-Is, and the wonders that would follow with such a life. Judy is an excellent teacher and guide for this journey.  I decided to start personal sessions with Judy and that was when I was able to see and feel the impact of her miraculous work as a healer.  During a very difficult time of my life she gently, encouragingly and skillfully helped to expose belief systems that were no longer serving me. Working with Judy on a regular basis to address the hidden beliefs that had long impacted my life resulted in a freeing sensation and the ability to touch into my joy.  Month after month, there was a growing faith and connection with the Creator, a lessening of fear and an increasing acceptance and trust for the uncertainty that lie ahead.

      In May 2015, I decided to repeat the Basic ThetaHealing class to explore the foundations of the system that has been so helpful. I became more confident in the digging process, which is the key to unraveling the belief systems that act as barriers to health and joy. The hours spent in and out of Theta for the 3 days, along with Judy’s teachings and her ability to see into the essence of all the students through her connection with the Creator truly set the stage for many insights for all of us. Thank you Judy!"

TC, Bishop, California

     "I attended Judy’s Basic DNA course and the Advanced Course in Feb/March of 2015. Judy’s teaching is clear. She responds to questions with an even greater depth of knowledge. After 32 years of being a psychotherapist, it is exciting to learn a new and profound way of working with clients. I had noticed throughout my work that some of my clients drew a blank when it came to “trusting others” or “feeling safe in life”. Previously, I did not have any tools (other than learning trust and safety through the therapeutic relationship) to help them to experience these fundamental feelings. I understand now the enormous healing potential of ThetaHealing because of my clients' experience in a new way of being in life through the Belief and then Feeling (Downloads) work after the Digging process.

     I have referred several of my clients to Judy who needed, very much, her expertise. I am presently working with her on some very early childhood issues (12 weeks old), which I could acknowledge before, but not feel into it and free myself from the beliefs I created during that time. I trust her...she has great integrity and a wonderful sense of humor.

     Please know that you will be in excellent hands learning from her."
Gabriele Hilberg, Ph.D., MFT., Mountain View, CA.,


"I was graced to have Judy as my teacher for the Basic and the Advanced ThetaHealing trainings in January and February '15. She is a unique human being and Master healing practitioner. Her knowledge, insight and love of ThetaHealing is boundless being able to address patterns as well as any traumas under them like a cat-scan. I watched her work with one participant clearing a childhood emotional wound and deep fear that had affected the person all her life that was gone in 40 minutes  I witnessed her work with Creator to change acute pain from another student within seconds...completely gone. My personal experience was being deeply seen and cared for with profound insights into some of my earliest traumas. It allowed me to be able to see, be with, re-experience, with the possibility of breaking-free of, the grip that I had been stuck in my whole life.  I found Judy to be wise, profound, compassionate, generous in her caring, and sharing a gift of God.

JL, Oregon

“I was part of Judy’s Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing courses in the Spring of 2015, and it was incredible.  I’ve previously been trained in Reiki and studied a few different healing modalities, and ThetaHealing is the most effective one I’ve seen so far.  Judy is a fantastic teacher and uses her many years of experience to solidify the learning of concepts in her classes.  Through these two courses, I’ve cleared memories from childhood and immediately noticed changes in my life. I’d highly recommend her classes for anyone who seems stuck in their lives or would like to easily change problems from their past.” 

E. Szurek, Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner, Philadelphia, PA.


     "I had the very good fortune to do my ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced Level 1 & 2 Training with Judy in December 2014 and March 2015. Judy is an amazing treasure, and I feel blessed to have been taught by her - her remarkably finely-tuned intuitive senses, combined with her solid, unwavering connection with All-That-Is, not to mention her extensive experience with ThetaHealing, make her a true master of this healing art, and an inspiration to her students. 
    On the second day I was chosen to be the demonstration for the belief work in front of the Basic class.  Judy intuitively knew I had an issue with a fear of heights and so we went into belief work on that topic. Under Judy's expert guidance, I got right to the root of the issue, which took me to a traumatic experience in a past life where I had made the difficult decision to lead my tribe in jumping to our deaths rather than be annihilated by an invading enemy. Not only did Judy successfully facilitate the clearing of the fear of heights, but she also unravelled and cleared fears around leadership and discernment that had also sprung from that traumatic experience - all in a session that took a little over half an hour! I immediately felt lighter, empowered and more focused. I have since traveled over bridges and been on exposed cliffs that used to cause me great panic and confirmed that my old fear of heights has been completely changed!   

     Even during the weekend of the training, I had powerful results from using the techniques on my family and am very excited to be bringing it to my healing practice. Theta is truly a healing modality of our time; one that can clear blockages, dis-eases, phobias and more in a matter of minutes!  

Thank you!"

Vanessa Jasper, CCHT, Advanced Theta Practitioner, Sebastopol, CA.

"I attended, online, the Loving Myself, Loving Another" relationship practicum with Judy in February 2015. Judy is an excellent teacher, and it seems that we have very similar ideas around relationships and communication, so it was great to see another present this kind of material. The exercises went well. I appreciated that two men volunteered to do a role playing of a family relationship scene in front of the group as we could hear the beliefs and watch their style of communication that started externalized and in a place of blaming and defensive as they learned new skills and understanding to make it different. The workbook that Judy created was very organized, well done, and I appreciated the indepth questions in the beginning of the workbook. They were good guidelines to check inside. Though this was a beta version for Judy's workshop with two of us online, and in knowing that this is the first attempt to do it this way, Judy is looking into better technology to support ThetaHealers in getting her work out. I'm glad I had an opportunity to attend."

Paola Vernasca, ThetaHealing Master, Certificate of Science, Milan, Italy


     Since taking the ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced with Judy in 2014, I have used the digging work and healing to clear hundreds of allergies that were causing chronic life-long sinus issues and the total alleviation  of daily stomach pain from food intolerance (I can now use new recipes and eat desserts for the first time in ages!) The chronic pain in my neck and shoulder has reduced by 80% to allow me to practice yoga again, dance with full abandon, and sleep on my side at night for the first time in over five years. I used to be completely exhausted by large crowds of any kind because I was an energetic sponge.  I no longer have to even put up an energetic shield! I don’t take on other people energy anymore. Period.
      ThetaHealing has become a vital addition to my coaching practice as well in allowing me to not only identify core beliefs that are holding my clients back, but actually clearing the roots. This has allowed my clients a whole new level of freedom and empowerment in moving forward in all areas of their life. They love it!
       Judy's depth and breadth of knowledge about the ThetaHealing modality was clear as she taught each class.  Her years of experience teaching and using ThetaHealing herself were invaluable in explaining all the nuances of the modality and answering any questions during the training easily and effectively.  These ThetaHealing trainings were the true "game changer" in my life. I highly recommend them to anyone who is ready to take their spiritual growth and healing to the next level.
Michelle Renee Johnson, life coach, Sebastopol, CA.


     "In May 2014, I had my first amazing experience with Judy’s Basic ThetaHealing DNA class 1 & 2. I was truly inspired by Judy’s accurate intuitive perception, and the information she receives from Creator-All-That-IS. Each day I woke up after a class, I thought, “So this is how it feels to wake up feeling loved unconditionally”. It felt good to feel alive, and aligned in a different vibrational frequency with Creator. I am grateful for this new way of being, within and without!

      The first evening after the first class, I practiced some of the ThetaHealing techniques on myself and followed it up with Reiki. I felt as though my body, mind, and spirit had released old toxins which I have held within my body and mind for a long time on every level. After the initial detox, my body and mind vibrated at a much higher frequency. I could feel the tingling of the “iridescent” light all through my body. During the DNA activation, Manifesting, and other areas of practice in class, I visualized the MS lesions changing and commanded Creator-of-All to release, resolve, and changed my beliefs surrounding the need to have Multiple Sclerosis. On June 2, 2014, a day after the weekend workshop, I had an appointment for a MRI of the brain. The results indicated that the lesions had lessened in numbers and intensity. This is a huge change from my previous MRI in Jan 2014, which indicated I had increased lesions and progression of disease activity. I have to say, too, that I have been untreated by traditional medication for the MS for several years. 

     Other instant healings occurred while practicing the "Digging" technique with a fellow student. This instant healing released the "contracts and hooks" I had brought forward in my current life from my childhood. After I was released from them, I felt a very deep sense of forgiveness towards my mother, a feeling of such awe and love towards her, for Creator, and for myself. I was speechless. I felt a sense of being grounded, and calm deep within. I felt like again, I had aligned so "perfectly" and deeply with Creator that I just knew I was going to be okay. 

     The words I have for these instant healings and how I feel after this class is nothing short of an amazing Miracle! I find it difficult to express how truly grateful I am for Judy’s generosity in assisting me to take this course, for embracing my spirit, and for sharing so unconditionally the power of healing through the Creator-of-All. I look forward to sharing this amazing gift with others, and continuing the journey of self-healing! Thank you so very much." 

B.E. McEntee, Reiki Master, Cotati, CA.


     From a former student-"Judy: You have a gift of grace by standing clearly in your own circle of power with total love and acceptance knowing and trusting the client's own remarkable story will unfold in this divine presence without you hurrying it along. You definitely have perfected your ability to hold the space for your clients' descent into the rabbit hole without distracting the client or causing further confusion or pain along the way."

Belinda, Advanced ThetaHealing Instructor, CA.


    I have experienced anxiety and panic for much of my life. Many of those situations were ones in which other people might also have had a similar response - interviews or speaking in front of a group. But the anxiety had also made it virtually impossible for me to grocery shop by myself, and I needed to take medication to fly on a plane. As you would expect, this had complicated my life. So though I was very confident in some regards, the anxiety and panic would appear at other times. The reason was completely unknown to me. When I was told about Judy Dragon’s work in ThetaHealing, it sounded like something that would help me. Immediately after my first hour session, I told my friend that I felt like going shopping by myself. (Though I didn’t end up doing it that day, the difference was that I FELT like it. That was a huge improvement.) Since that single session, I have shopped by myself and flown on a plane without medications! This work is so important and amazing that I have become a Theta practitioner! I took the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing workshops in the winter of 2014 with Judy and will continue my education to become a teacher!! I don't think I would have done ANY of this without my session with Judy. I am filled with SO much gratitude and joy.
Thank you,
Maria Martini, CA

    I have just taken Judy’s Basic ThetaHealing class in January 2014...just amazing!!! I loved every minute of it. She is a fantastic teacher with a great deal of knowledge, very caring and supportive to me and with every one in the workshop! She is also a fantastic healer. When we would divide into groups to practice doing healings or belief work , she would hit the core of people issues and help everyone so much. This inspired me to take private  sessions with her, and they are blowing my mind in being powerful! I recommend her very highly as a teacher, healer and a beautiful soul!  

E.R. California


     I attended the Basic ThetaHealing class with Judy in January of 2014. Judy is a gifted teacher and shared her endless knowledge and experience throughout the three days of classes.  She is a master at digging and identifying key core beliefs and clearing them.  As a class, we broke into small groups and began learning how to find and recognize these beliefs, and Judy went continually from one to another with help and support for all.  One knows that they are in good hands.  Judy taught the class with great clarity and compassion.  I am looking forward to taking Advanced Healing in March. In appreciation and gratitude,

Barbara, RM. , Sebastopol, CA.


     As a long time Natural Therapeutics Practitioner, I have taken many workshops over the years. Judy's instruction in the January '14 Basic Theta/DNA 1 & 2 workshop was concise and clear. She kept the class moving in this very full curriculum. The class covered a great deal of information in three days, and there were many opportunities to move into the Theta state and become clearer in accessing the various techniques. The manifestation technique was especially powerful for me. My mind was blown over and over as we covered information of the potential of this modality. This is truly the new healing paradigm. I am making plans now for the Advanced Theta class.
S.P. Carlsbad, CA.


      The year 2013 brought a series of life-changing events for me, prompting me to confront my deepest fears.  A friend of mine introduced me to ThetaHealing as a way to help me through the transitions, and because it was so effective, I knew I needed to explore it deeper.   

      This fall, I took the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing from Judy, who is an amazing teacher.  Her love for Creator is evident through her compassionate, insightful, and "playful" teaching methods.  During the Advanced workshop, she did "digging" of beliefs on me which set me free from some life-long fears that have strangled my joy since I was a child.  While watching others in the class quickly release years of baggage, then watching them begin to blossom as well as experiencing that freedom myself, makes me so grateful to be part of this sacred work.   I am excited that it's finally time for us to realize our true magnificence through Creator, fulfill all our purpose, and walk in complete joy. 

M. Staufer; Burlingame, CA.


     The August 2013 ThetaHealing workshop was amazing...everyone in the class experienced profound levels of clearing.  I was amazed at how easy Judy made it. I was starting to tell myself I couldn't do it, and she just did some clearings, and then I managed to do it. No big deal.  Judy's manner is very clear - she describes everything very well. She is also lighthearted and fun, caring and wise.  Her knowledge is extremely broad, and her digging skills blew me away! I feel very grateful to have been a part of her course. Thank you, Judy!

Karen Clothier, France.


    I highly, highly recommend the Basic ThetaHealing workshop! The material is profound, and Judy is a phenomenal teacher...she has complete grasp of the subject and makes learning it enjoyable. I honestly feel that every person who wants to help others or improve the world seriously consider taking this workshop to fully understand what they are capable of. In one weekend, I shed many unhappy patterns as well as helping others see and shed theirs all through a direct connection through God-In-All...the process continues to unfold. I cannot adequately express how life-altering this experience is. My husband and closest friends have noticed the changes in me too, commenting on my increased energy and focus, my positive outlook, and greater insight and intuition. I look forward to more courses in the future, and hope many of my friends will be there too! 

    Judy, thank you! 

Heidi Schepis, CA.


     I have been blessed to be a ThetaHealing student of Judy Dragon for the Basic, Advanced, and Manifesting classes in 2012 and 2013.  Judy is a superb teacher.  She has a high level of mastery of the material that she embodies.  Her dedication to "walking her talk" is apparent in how congruent she is, which adds to her potency as a teacher.  She is generous in what she shares with us both verbally and in written form.  She appears effortlessly connected to Source while she works, and is outstanding in how she can track a client's personal paradigm to free up root beliefs that produce suffering and limitation, download teachings from the Creator, and open a client to expanded freedom and connection to the Divine.

      I have done several private sessions with her and have given her work as a gift.  I have successfully worked with her to heal wounds and remove limiting beliefs and release the past in relationship to my life history, family of origin, lineage and culture, as well as to improve family dynamics in order to remove blocks to manifesting what I want for myself  both personally and professionally.  Each time we work together, we go deeper, especially with releasing those stubborn regrets and resentments.  I am awed by how much potentially life changing healing work can be packed into an hour long session with her.  
Elly Claire Hart, PA, MIM, MT, Ph.D., CA.


     I recently completed the January ’13 ThetaHealing Basic Workshop with Judy. It was the most amazing workshop I have ever taken, and it completed all the "missing puzzle pieces" in my life. Judy chose me to demonstrate the belief and digging work to the class. I have had an insane fear of heights all of my life to the point where I get sweaty palms and feet even if it is just on TV! When Judy took me back to my "first" experience of this fear, I was instantly transported to another place and another time - hanging onto a cliff high up, feeling a rock slip under my feet and tumbling 1000's of feet to my death - the emotions welling up were super intense. I was able to transform and let go of it all - the release was HUGE!            

      Every piece of information I received was immediately able to be applied practically in my life...that is, I left the seminar with a great bag of "technique tools".  Since returning home, I have done so much "hard" work on myself and with my husband - transforming old belief patterns that no longer serve us!            

      Judy's expertise, integrity, fearless honesty and connection to the Creator make every moment of this class feel like an immersion in the Highest Truth. By the time the weekend was finished, it felt as though I was there for "a hundred years" -we worked so hard and spent such a big portion of the workshop in Theta state, which is timeless!

       ThetaHealing truly sets you free - to live your life to the fullest - create every moment in time with clear intention and presence! Thank you, Judy, for facilitating this Divine workshop, and thank you for all the incredible work you do to help set people free from the bonds of REACTIVITY!

Light, Love and Blessings always,

Anne Kuzyk L.Ac., NV.  


    I had the honor of attending Judy's ThetaHealing Basic DNA workshop that was held January 25-27th, 2013.  The subject matter and Judy's knowledge of ThetaHealing, quantum physics, metaphysics and other topics was incredibly impressive.   The space that Judy created made our 3-day class enjoyable and fun, and her ability to teach is natural. Anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of the healing arts will have their minds blown by ThetaHealing and Judy's work.  If you want to learn more about yourself and take your abilities as a healer to the next level, this is the class to attend.  Judy is a treat and a gift to us all.    

Maggie Sergio, Fairfax, CA.

    The January '13 Basic ThetaHealing class with Judy was incredible! Judy is a profoundly gifted intuitive and teacher. She presented us with lots of important information and helped guide us in using ThetaHealing with ourselves and clients. I came out of the class feeling clear space all around me and like I finally have the keys to the Universe. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Judy is a fantastic healing practitioner who is constantly working her own stuff to be the best she can be. I can't recommend her enough!" 

C.K., California


         I attended Judy’s Basic Theta workshop in August ’12. Judy chose me to be the demonstration person for a belief work session that was about wanting to be financially free by doing what I love, which is in fitness and being a performer. I was asked questions to get me to see my patterns and to find the bottom beliefs which was stopping me from my dreams. I heard myself tell her that I was afraid to disappoint my co-workers and boss. I was then taken to my childhood where the same pattern had started with my parents. It was emotional in just becoming aware of this unconscious pattern. Immediately I started to feel a huge barrier being cleared which was limiting me from my true goals.

         Since the workshop, I have taken some huge, monster steps in following my excitements, passions, and desires.  It’s all happening with ease and little effort. Things are all magically falling into place, and it’s quite lovely.

         Thank you soooo much, Judy! It was so amazing meeting you. I am extremely grateful for ThetaHealing and your instruction. I look forward to staying in touch with you, and I will continue to expand my horizons through the art and practice of ThetaHealing. How you got to some of my core beliefs was absolutely incredible! I feel so free and alive. I continue to get chills throughout my entire body due to the shifting that I continue to experience. I'm so excited about this life-changing experience which I've been looking for my whole life. And I finally found it!

You are a blessing.

Kano, RN, Modesto, CA.


      Thank you so much, Judy, for the profound Basic Workshop August 2012. You have an amazing passion to ignite the spark of new awareness and to guide others to connect to ALL-THAT-IS. Your non-judgmental, insightful expertise in teaching allowed me to fully embrace the profound energy shifts and new perspective from the belief changes. It is incredibly effective and effortless. I am grateful to experience that healings can happen so quickly. I know that this work will have a transformational change upon my own healing practice, both personally and professionally. I look forward to the Advance ThetaHealing Workshop!

Dee Merz, CA.


    Working with Judy has changed the direction of my life. First, I was very impressed on how fast she was able to get to the bottom of what has been  limiting my own healing from chronic Lyme disease and change that. Then I took the ThetaHealing DNA 1-2 workshop in August '12, and in a matter of three days, I was taught how to change subconscious limiting and blocking beliefs for myself and others plus perform all kinds of healing. Effortlessly and in a fun way, Judy was able to present the content of the teaching and helped us integrate it by guiding us through practice step by step. I felt confident to try it on my friend the next day. I have been "practicing" since that workshop on anyone who is willing to experience it, and I am amazed about the results. I highly recommend the work Judy is doing; and her workshops are great, clear, to the point, interactive, based on her extensive experience, and fun.

Marie-Pierre Lucas, American Canyon, CA.


     After taking the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing workshop this year (spring 2012) with Judy,  I have continued with the Theta work using mainly downloads, digging, heart toning and Inner Child work on myself and in trading with a healing friend.  I appreciate the support Judy gives in her newsletters and find that the downloads suggested are really good for me.  All of it has made such a positive difference.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for teaching us this and spreading it to others.  It has been life changing with more to come. I can hardly wait!

Keith, Ca.


      "Thank you so very much for coming to Bishop, CA to teach the Basic ThetaHealing workshop on May 4-6th, 2012.   Taking your class really helped me to connect with the Creator-of-All-That-Is and understand and feel, on deeper level, the information in Vianna's books. Before the class, when I would practice the meditation for going into Theta, I would sometimes feel very ungrounded and have a hard time focusing afterwards.  I think I was looking at it as more of a Shamanic-type journey, but with a simple explanation from you on the first morning, it made such a difference.  I was able to go in and out of Theta several times during the day and still feel centered and focused.             

      Experiencing and witnessing Creator’s teachings, I could see the energy of the downloads going around and through people in class and when it got to their feet it kept going!  It was traveling into the Earth, but I knew the energy was going to circle back up and come into other people to bless them too. And just watching that little bit helped so many puzzle pieces fall into place about how the world is changing, how humans are changing, and all the energy and shifts that are going on right now.  

      I did not expect to feel so much joyfulness in the classroom.  I thought there would be more heavy emotional sadness coming out.  That blissful energy was an unexpected blessing.  It was also wonderful to end the day feeling really good, relaxed, yet energized and excited about what we were learning.           

      I am glad to hear you will be returning in September 2012 to teach the Advanced level and another Basic level class.  I have been sending the information to others who I know are interested.   What an amazing experience!  It is truly one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you again, Judy."  

Julie Ray, Bishop, CA.


      "My training in the ThetaHealing® Basic I and II in April '12 and the Advanced in June '12 from Judy was an incredible blessings to my life and my practice.  I incorporate it all the time in what I do as a naturopathic doctor who specializes in mind-body medicine, and I have seen incredible results.  I am so grateful for this information and how it is helping my patients heal quickly on very deep levels. My experience with Judy as an instructor was wonderful.  She was very clear and offers incredible experience and insight.

Melissa Patterson, ND; Sebastopol, CA.


     “I really enjoyed taking the ThetaHealing® Basic Workshop with Judy in August ‘11. She is well-versed in many different modalities and is EXTREMELY passionate about ThetaHealing. During a demo session where I was the client, Judy showed us the "digging" process. I was amazed at the depth of feeling that arose as she wove her way into a string of digging questions. She is so calm and skilled as she is guided by Creator to get to the true meaning of what is. I felt the energy in my body as she witnessed it. It is amazing to me how our conscious mind tricks us into believing what really is not. Judy gets right in there in a safe, productive, transformative way.
      I am a very strong believer of the power and unfathomable-ness of the Universe. I really enjoyed the meditation in going up to All-That-Is. I feel like Neo in "The Matrix" when he does his flying thing. I believe that ThetaHealing can really make a difference in the life of ALL Humans!!"
Melissa Rubin; Santa Rosa, CA

     "I loved the September '10 Basic ThetaHealing® class and think it was well-paced and jam-packed. As a Moreno style trained psychodrama director who spent years orchestrating enactment with its relative value, I could really appreciate the cut-to-the-core elegance of the Theta work WITHOUT all the physical process. As a teacher of mine used to say, "Let's work smarter not harder".
      In May '11, I also took the Manifestation and Abundance workshop with Judy. I loved the weekend and felt many huge shifts after being the person who was used as the class demonstration for the "digging" session for belief changes. After the class, I had a big download of project and purpose inspiration. I asked Creator for a sign in being on the right tract, and within 5 minutes found myself driving straight into a rainbow that looked like it was standing on end like a pillar of light.... Amazing! There was a great sense of gratitude for how changing beliefs is changing the world!"

Lou Montgomery Ph.D, Sebastopol, CA.



      "I took the Basic ThetaHealing® workshop with Judy in April 2011. Sharing her extensive healing experience and comprehensive knowledge, Judy’s confidence encouraged me to be able to release my own limiting beliefs about what true healing can be. I found the ThetaHealing®  techniques to be simple and powerful, and they will continue to support my own healing and those of others I work with more effectively and effortlessly. With ThetaHealing®, I am going directly to the Source of all true healing. I see this work revolutionizing and transforming my professional healing practice as well as my own life’s spiritual journey.  Thank you, Judy, for so passionately sharing ThetaHealing with me. I am looking forward to your Advancd ThetaHealing Workshop!"       

Robert McQueen, Santa Rosa, CA.


     "Many thanks, Judy, for the April ’11 Basic ThetaHealing® Workshop. The information was well-organized, presented clearly and to the point. As a long term bodyworker, energy worker, and instructor, the information you teach applies to everything I do and provides many excellent ways of accessing and disseminating  information for clients and students. It is fast and effective as well as deep-reaching and poignant. As a demo subject, I was a first-hand witness to the effectiveness of the techniques and of your alacrity within the realm.  With your guidance and probing, we revived my feelings, goals, and passion for playing music that I thought was over-and-done-with -- more like buried, it turned out -- and I have reopened myself to being a much more active performer again. I enjoy that Theta can work quickly and touch upon all aspects of a person. This was exactly what I was seeking, and your presentation has inspired me. I plan to move forward with this system."

 Bruce Barth, Novato, CA.



      "The week after the Basic January '11 workshop, was amazing!  I am so excited about ThetaHealing® - I've been reading all 3 books and doing all kinds of belief work on myself and downloads.  I can really feel the changes energetically, and I am much calmer and centered around the belief areas I've been changing.  This work is definitely the next step for me. 

        The April '11 Advanced ThetaHealing® class was a tremendous healing for me.  It was extremely powerful clearing on so many issues - I wish I had a recording of it!  After the session you did on me before the class, my communication with Creator-of-ALL gave me a feeling of peace and easiness that my life is more than the sum of all of the tasks I've thought were so important in my life. I was shown that it was definitely possible to get my goals complete and collaborate with my business partner without stress. I got very clear about my business goals for the event that I had been anxious about, and what it looks like for me to be first priority in the negotiation and agreement with my partner who is now in full agreement about what I said I needed and wanted.  

        I also asked to see my life and what I want, through Creator's perspective, to see how it can look when I co-create with the Creator-of-ALL.  It is amazing!  

        I used my new skills with a client over the telephone, and the session went very smoothly - she could totally receive the healings. 

      Thank you!  I look forward to the Manifestations class!" 

Amy Koos, Santa Rosa , CA.



     "Ever have the sensation that something from the past is blocking you from moving forward? One ThetaHealing® session with Judy was all that it took to call my energy back from the past and to let go of the belief(s) holding everything in place. During the session, I became open to new possibilities and felt renewed physically, emotionally and spiritually! Theta Healing is instantaneous!

      I recommend the Basic Theta workshop for anyone who wants to experience more love, inner peace and lightness in this lifetime!  Judy is a gifted practitioner and instructor who will guide and show you how to connect to the greatest Source/Creator of All. The beauty of ThetaHealing is that anyone can learn the concepts and techniques!  Thanks again Judy."

Tiffany Challis, San Francisco, CA.


     "I am so glad I traveled from Portland, Oregon to take YOUR class! Specifically, your organization and clear explanations of class material really made it easy to learn! With you and Beth both presenting the info, I learned more than expected!  I am already sharing the work with my clients with great results! In addition, it was a joy to be with the other Healers Practitioners who are wonderfully gifted themselves.

     I am filled with gratitude for everything - your class, classmates and the deep healing--before then I did not realize that I left a part of myself behind during my Near Death Experience. Now I feel new. That is, I feel emotionally lighter and physically better than ever! This has been confirmed many ways

     I highly recommend your ThetaHealing® sessions AND your class to one and all! Judy, your kindness in working with me one-on-one in a healing session restored the part of me that needed to be returned to being my more joyful self. The healing has also proven to have physically healed my ribs which were injured years ago. I am now able to do all the range of motion I used to do. This includes being able lift up my arms up without being in pain. I am grateful and in awe of what you do! Thank you so much!"
Mariel; Portland, Oregon 


      "The Basic ThetaHealing® course that I took on January 2011 was 3 days long, very exciting, and detailed so a student definitely would not leave feeling like they were missing anything. Judy and Beth Rachel are wonderful and patient instructors, both very competent, come with years of experience, provided us with many teachings and plenty of fun exercises to get hands-on experiences. They also provided very good feedback and guidance during the class.

      There was much work that I’ve been wanting to know how to do on myself directly, and I finally learned at the right time in my was life changing for me. This class greatly helped me to build my confidence with the various readings that we did. I finally learned how to communicate directly with Angels and Guides through Creator-of-All.  I feel confident knowing that I am truly connected and able to help myself as well as others in the process. I am so very thankful to have been able to participate in this wonderful workshop."

  Tena Burnett, Vallejo, CA.


     "I have taken 2 classes with Judy--- the Fall of ‘10 Basic and Advanced Theta workshops. She is extremely competent and instructs with clarity and precision. She truly is a ThetaHealing® master. As a student, it is important to me that the teacher put her students’ needs first. She personally "walked" me up to the 7th Plane and helped me find the results I was seeking. I also have had sessions privately with her, and she created a very safe and solid foundation for me to be open and move forward.

     If learning about the higher truth within yourself is important to you, as it is for me, than I highly recommend Judy. I learned what was in my way and how to step through it. She made all the difference in my life in helping me see my part. Now, I live with this connection and focus everyday…a dream come true."

    With Gratitude,

    Tony Gunter, Ca.


    "The September ’10 Basic ThetaHealing® workshop was so much more than I ever imagined it to be. When I was chosen to be the person to go through the belief work in front of the class, I was astounded to see that so much of the decisions I made about myself came from beliefs and patterns which were formed through experiences when I was 5 years old. I got to see all of the dots connect as everything was cleared away, healed, and I felt completely transformed. I now have an expanded capacity for freedom in my life and tools to continue to work with outside of the workshop.  I would highly recommend Judy as a ThetaHealing® instructor and practitioner to anyone who is open and ready to explore and clear what is in the way of having the amazing health and life they can have and deserve on all levels."
     David Groode, Intuitive Life Coach, Santa Rosa , CA.  


     "I want to thank you deeply as the workshop last weekend (March '10) really moved me.  I have a strong inner skeptic but found myself able to just listen with an open mind and heart, and I felt truly blessed to have been able to attend.  There was so much information on so many different levels that your no-nonsense way of imparting it made it not only bearable, but enjoyable.  I learned an immense amount about ThetaHealing®, myself and my "re-connection" with Source-- all incredibly important and needed things for me. I also made some wonderful connections with others in the class, was very triggered and got to resolve my issues on a variety of levels.  As a therapist myself, I found the digging exercises at first challenging but then rewarding, and I know this is something I will be able to use in my practice!  I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to learning more. Many blessings for the incredible work you share."

     Dr. Loi Medvin, Ca.


     "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your March '10 Basic ThetaHealing® class on scholarship.  It was a wonderful experience!  I got more out of it than I had anticipated.  I also never realized I would like it as much as I do.  I was able to clear out some of my anger and resentment from life’s happenings (bankruptcy, decrease in pay at my job which led to  foreclosure of my home, marriage, moving – all within 18 months).  I am not so depressed and am able to think clearer.  I have started setting goals to plan my future.  I now have a future.

     In taking a great interest in ThetaHealing® and as I get it perfected, I will probably continue on with other classes. I was so surprised that I was able to do it and have been using these techniques on my immediate family and my pets. I now see a way to help others and this would be so fulfilling for me.  I cannot thank you enough for bringing ThetaHealing® into my life."

     Eileen Korpela Baughn, Santa Rosa, CA.


     "I want to thank you for being passionate about ThetaHealing®. ThetaHealing® has transformed my life to what I knew it could become but did not have the right tools to get there.   To pay forward the experience, I have actually became a Practitioner myself. I have witnessed healings on family members from infants to adults and even pets. I am still absolutely amazed every time I scan the Human and Animal Anatomy.  

     Before attending the Antioch Advance Theta workshop in December '09 and being 9 months pregnant,  I discussed with my developing baby boy, Lucian, how we could avoid missing the class.  Lucian is now 5 months old, born right after the workshop and is an extremely strong, healthy, happy, and peaceful boy. I think of him as my Theta baby since he attended both workshops comfortably inside me. He has proved ThetaHealing is definitely a cellular level healing modality. The labor and delivery process was miraculously alot less stressful and painless than my other births. I drove myself to the hospital just in time to have him. He was born within the hour of my arrival weighing 8 pounds 13 oz. on 10/13/09... pound and a half heavier than my girls, and without any complications.  

     I am currently working as a Medical Assistant after having been out of the Medical field for 5 years. I was able to manifest for this job. I also have my Theta Practice on a part-time basis. Even though I was very impatient in getting to this point in being able to be a practitioner, it was well worth the wait as the time frame was only 5 months since the Advance Theta Course and the baby's birth.   Thank you very much for helping me expand and feel comfortable with my natural natal gifts and their development." 

Veronica M. Heath, M.A., Brentwood, CA;    


     "I have always known, from a very young age, that there was something like an “umbrella principle” surrounding the philosophy of life and what I do in life. I have also always known that we are what we think. Our thoughts are often the make or break point in our lives, and on realizing this we get to understand how we are the deciding factor in our own lives.

    ThetaHealing® came at a time in my life when everything I had known about manifesting my reality was confirmed with core belief work and the process of digging to get to that point. When I realized that the drama and the fear was just my way of avoiding who I was, I got an opportunity to “remove” the old beliefs and replace them with positive healthy ones that will support my very next steps!!

     Doing the Basic ThetaHealing® training was a stepping stone back into remembering who I really am. The Advanced Training reinforced not only who I am, but who I am manifesting myself to be every second of the way.

     Judy is an incredible teacher, not only because she has done the work herself and transformed her life in a multitude of ways, but because she knows how to apply those life changing epiphanies to her students! I am honored to study with Judy and to have gained insight and perspectives directly from her. And I am also deeply touched by her heartfelt support as a practitioner and guide. Judy has an intuitive ability to address the very issues that are holding us back, not only as theta practitioners of the future, but also as clients healing the wounds of our past!! Judy will assist you to remember who you are, and in doing so will assist you to heal the deepest wounds of this lifetime and many others which will ultimately reveal your highest purpose."

Ishtar Kramer, East Bay Area, CA.


   "The ThetaHealing® workshops that I participated in from Judy have been life changing.  After taking the Basic DNA ThetaHealing class in September '09, I went home to do a “distant/remote” healing on my aunt who has dementia. She has been on a feeding tube for more than a year, has been unable to walk and has been incontinent. She is now able to eat three meals a day without a tube, feed herself, able to walk with the assistance of a walker and is no longer incontinent.  My relatives and I are overjoyed with my aunt’s progress.    

      During the Advance workshop in October '09, I was used as a class demonstration, and in less then 20 minutes, my incredible fear of snakes was gone. 

        Judy is an exceptional teacher! I am so very grateful to have met her and to have taken the two ThetaHealing workshops. I will be taking the ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance workshop with her in December. I highly recommend her as both a instructor and healer." 

Jane Johnson; optometrist, Oakley, CA.


     "In September of 2009, I had my first amazing experience with Judy at the Basic Theta course. On the third day of class, September 13th,  Judy advised us that we would be performing a manifestation for ourselves. My manifestation was for my family; specifically jobs for me and my husband that would help get us out of our considerable financial hardship. We both lost our jobs in the fall of 2008 and had been trying for a year, without success, to find anything that paid more than minimum wage. With two kids at home, we both needed a much higher pay.

      With Judy’s instructions, I went into the Theta state, commanded my manifestation, and witnessed the changes that I wanted to appear in my life so that they would occur within 30 days from the last day of our class. That next week I was offered a job with a hospital (with which I had been trying to become employed with for over a year!) that offered amazing pay and benefits. I started training for that job the last week in September. However, no job opportunities were coming to fruition for my husband. after filling out innumerous applications.

       I then had the great fortune of attending the Advanced Theta class with Judy in October of 2009. As we left class on the second night, Judy advised us that we would be commanding manifestations on the third day. I came home the second night with the thought that I would command another manifestation for my husband to get a job. I know I can’t manifest for someone else, but of course he is part of our family. The first thing my husband tells me that very night is that he was introduced to someone at a party earlier that day. That person had just lost their Class A driver and was in need of one! This is exactly the job my husband wanted, as he had received his Class A license about a month prior. He was practically offered the job that moment. This was on October 10th, almost 30 days since I had commanded the original manifestation! He was officially offered the job, with amazing pay, on October 12th.

      I was amazed and elated at the results. I had witnessed these changes, and they came to life within the 30 days as commanded!

I can’t thank Judy enough for her patience and instruction. I feel more confident in my abilities, and cannot wait to attend the Abundance and Manifestation course in December to see what I can manifest for myself and my family."

Adrianne Hull, Antioch, CA.


      "I completed the Manifestation and Abundance workshop with Judy in June of ’09.  It was a phenomenal experience, very personal, with Judy so in tune with each of participants as she delivered the material in a very powerful way.

    As I’m cleaning and moving from my apartment in a few weeks, I was thinking about all the things that I have collected over the years that no longer serve me and haven’t been used. I am more aware of what I want to let go of so more can come into my life that does support who I am.  And magic is happening. Even though I got laid off from my job prior to the workshop, I received a check in the mail that I didn’t expect.  So I’m traveling to Mexico, my home country, for the first time in 17 years.  It’s so amazing how divine synchroniciy and timing work!

    ThetaHealing® has helped to create magic and transformation in my life. I recommend it to all."

Maria Silva, teacher, Santa Rosa, CA.


    "I graduated from Judy's Advanced ThetaHealing® workshop in June '09.  I have to say that I find this work to be extremely powerful and incredibly healing.  In the Basic class, I was selected to be Judy's "subject."  During this process, I was able to experience my first professional ThetaHealing session.  To this day, words can't describe how amazing it was for me to watch myself shift over and over again.  The experience was profound in that my mother had died only three weeks prior to the class and  something very painful and emotionally damaging had happened to me during my mother's process of dying.  I was crushed and knew I would carry this experience for a while.  After digging and finding my false belief, I watched myself completely heal in a matter of minutes.  The pain and suffering had completely lifted, the pain in my neck had completely disappeared, and my range of motion was at 100%.  My neck hadn't felt that good in quite some time.   

      I work as a Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer.  I am now using ThetaHealing® in my practice, and many of my clients are in complete awe of this healing process.  It's the fastest healing I've ever witness in my 13+ years as a healer, and I am very proud to now call myself a ThetaHealer!"  

Linda S. Dewey, Brentwood, CA.     


       "I enjoyed taking both the May '09 Basic Theta/DNA and June '09 Advanced DNA classes with Judy.  I recommend for anyone who has had only taken the Basic class that they attend one of Judy's Advance classes.  She is highly skilled at the application of the techniques learned in the both levels.  The "nuts and bolts" I learned in first level became more clear and easier to use with the in-depth approach and her adeptly guided practice of them from attending her Advance DNA class."

Patricia Nelson, Orinda, CA


      "I recently took the January '09 Basic ThetaHealing® workshop from Judy. The following day after the course, I had scheduled dental work that was to be completed in one day which included  4 implants, 2 extractions, and periodontal surgery on my gums and bones. Needless to say, the doctors explained beforehand that I would probably have some severe pain on the first day as well quite a bit of bleeding for at least a couple of days after. I decided to do ThetaHealing on myself before going to the dentist. I went up to Creator's Light and commanded that my mouth and gums be in a perfect state already healed.  As the novacaine wore off, I was prepared to have the discomfort and pain, my surprise, not one bit of pain, no bleeding and this has been true for the following days also. There is no other explanation for me, other than what the ThetaHealing state of consciousness can do.
     I continue to go Creator's Light and have chosen to manifest a peaceful, beautiful life, full of abundance, peace and love; and all I can say is it seems to be working. Thank you, Judy!!!!! "  

Isa Foulk, San Raphel, CA      


    "I just want to thank you for your generosity in assisting me to come to a wonderful workshop of healings and Creator's teachings last weekend (January '09). ThetaHealing® has expanded my belief and ability to heal.  I woke up this morning feeling very empowered with strength to face my fears, obstacles, and relationship issues. I'm not fearful of the cancer anymore. I know I will heal from it. I am looking forward to the Advanced Theta workshop. I am truly grateful for you." 

Marlo Salazar, Pleasant Hill, CA.


     "For me, ThetaHealing® is the highest/deepest form of healing known to humanity.  Judy’s style of teaching is compassionate , adept, and loving.  It has transformed my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
      When I attended the August ’08 Basic class in Santa Rosa, it was all new to me. I learned so much, how to connect with Creator in a way not known to me before, coming to the realization that I am part of Creator and that unconditional love is the motivating element of this connection and the healing process.  BUT when I attended the December ‘08 Advanced Santa Cruz class, it sent me to a whole new level of learning about myself, Creator and how to really ‘dig’ and use the belief work to heal myself, to totally trust Creator’s answers and ‘see’ what I was asking for.  With this knowledge and ability applied as a ThetaHealer, the process of healing the mind, body, spirit and soul levels are unlimited with the Creator.
       I now can move forward in my healing process as well as help others become all that they can be through Creator. What an adventure!!  I keep thinking of all that life has to offer if we only become fully awakened. So precious is it all even as I’m clearing beliefs to remember this.
      ThetaHealing® has truly enabled all my other healing modalities to become more efficient and more powerful now that I’m aware of my real connection to Creator.
      Thank  you, Judy, for your unconditional love in ThetaHealing through Creator-of-All."

Jill Jolley, Death Valley, CA.


     "I took the ThetaHealing® Basic and Advanced workshops (1/08 & 12/08) with Judy. Both were amazingly life changing experiences. Judy is a great teacher, experienced, charismatic, inspiring, with a good sense of humor who doesn’t mind answering a great deal of questions even from engineering types like me. At the Advanced class, I learned so much about myself that I didn't realize before (at least consciously). I benefited tremendously from the many Creator’s teachings that Judy witnessed for the class and the digging exercises to find the bottom beliefs. The recreation of the broken soul and heart exercise during the Advanced workshop was unbelievably profound. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is ready to see their life in a deeper, richer perspective."
Thomas Szepesi, PhD.; Saratoga, CA.


     "Over the years, I have participated in myriads of alternative healing intensives, workshops and seminars. In deciding to attend the Santa Cruz October 2008 Basic ThetaHealing® workshop with my partner, I was a bit worried that the content would either be too repetitive or just too slow. To my surprise, Judy's training style kept me on the edge of my seat because she has a natural ability to maintain a meticulous pace that is neither too fast or too slow, too cognitive or too experiential. I have rarely learned from a teacher of such vigor, rigor, and whole embodiment of teaching content. She is thoughtful, compassionate, thorough, playful, serious, and down-to-earth. I can't wait to learn from Judy again. In fact, I just can't wait to see Judy again. She is a person I just love to be near.

      If this is not enough, at the end of our ThetaHealing® class, Reverend Judy married my partner and I (we have been together for 13 years) at the 7th Plane of Existence, connected to All-That-Is, while our entire class witnessed and joined us there. What a hoot! Our experience issues in a new paradigm for conducting post-modern ceremonies that express human and unconditional love in action."

Dr. Suzy Ross, Faculty in Recreational Therapy, San Jose State University


    "Thank you so much, Judy, for the wonderful Basic August ’08 workshop!  My mother and I enjoyed it very much. I feel so different, much more aware of my intuition. The evening I came home from the workshop, my younger sister said to me, "I feel that you are different in a good way, and I feel that your presence is filled with knowledge".  I have clearer visions of things that are coming in the future, and these things come true shortly after. In talking to people, phrases pop into my mind, and I know what they are going to say, and they do! I just smile when it happens. 

    I have begun communicating with my house pets, and they tell me what’s happening with them.  I've seen my pets change after working with them, and they are happier and healthier.

    I am using the healing techniques on my family sending them unconditional love. After working on my mom’s shoulder, which has been bothering her for years, she has noticed a tremendous improvement and the pain has disappeared. After “digging” on her beliefs, I was able to command and witness change and clearing that were holding her back, and she feels very relieved. 

    My mom worked with me and checked my body to see what was going on inside. She said it was very interesting because she got very little audio input (clairaudience) and mainly saw everything happen (clairvoyance) with several things disappearing instantly. 

    I can also see inside the body locating different conditions. I go to Creator and ask for those things to released, and I watch as they disappear into Creator’s light. The whole process is really amazing to witness, and the results have been instantaneous. The possibilities of using these techniques are endless, and I know this is something I will be doing for the rest of my life.               

     In asking Creator questions about my life, I now have a strong understanding of my life's purpose. I am here to help others to achieve a higher consciousness and help the earth. Clearing my own beliefs allows me to feel lighter and calmer, showing me that life is really joyous, and I am simply here to co-create and have fun!

    I have a strong desire to advance in my knowledge and awareness through ThetaHealing®, and to tap further into the abilities I have within me. I can hardly wait for December’s Advanced workshop. I’m extremely excited!  I can't really run out of good things to say as I am so grateful to have found you, Judy, and ThetaHealing. "                

Maria Mazurova


       "I want to thank Judy for teaching this exciting August ‘08 Basic workshop, and Vianna Stibal for bringing ThetaHealing®

to this world. Vianna has formatted ThetaHealing® in a down-to-earth, simplistic manner. Coming from India, the spiritual capital of the world, I’ve experienced many teachers and spiritual paths.  Through the Basic workshop, I had a totally different and wonderful awareness of spiritual growth.

     And Judy did a great job in assisting my class to understand the concepts through her presentation of the material. More importantly, Judy supported me in being successful in using the skills in a practical, quick way. Due to the way Judy taught the information and came around to the participants individually, I was able to absorb it so much faster, in just a little time. For me as a healer, it was like pushing a fast forward button. I can now heal more people in less time and connect myself with All-That-IS whenever I want.

     In Mumbai, India, ThetaHealing® has caught on very fast, but participants have to wait several months for a teacher to come from London.  I’m so grateful that I could be in the US to take the course now.  

     Thank you once again, Judy, from my heart and soul. I truly will return home with richer knowledge.

     And thank you to all my wonderful fellow participants. It was so nice to meet all of them and I will remember them for the rest of my life and beyond!  With blessings to all."

Trinath; Hydeerabad, India


    "I took the Basic ThetaHealing® I & II with Judy in Santa Cruz in June ’08.   When I started the class, I really wanted to be able to improve my own health and state of being first, because I believe that “the more I am healed, the better I can help others”; but with the ability to use this technique so immediately, my classmates and I began experiencing healings and clearings during class while increasing our abilities/skills at a very rapid rate. 

       I soon found that I was already having opportunities to successfully help others as well as animals after the completion of the workshop. One very simple example was when I went on a long nature hike and began to notice increasing pain on my right foot.  I stopped along the way to examine it and found a large bubbled up blister and another one that had already popped close to it from my shoe rubbing on it.  I quickly went through the process we learned in class to heal it.  Before I even got my sock back on the foot, I looked and found that there was no longer any sign of blisters or redness at all.

       I knew that Judy’s wonderful gifts, skills, and experience would be of great value, but the love and vibrancy of life that she exudes, confirmed to me that this new healing method and the class would be life changing… and it was!

       Not only is ThetaHealing® very fast and effective.   I love that all the healing is witnessed in a Theta state while the healing is being done by the Creator-of-All, and  I love my contact with Creator-of-ALL.  The fact that ThetaHealing™ brings science and spirituality together in so many ways has allowed me to experience a balance with both sides of my brain.               

       I continue to work on clearing my own issues that come up and find that ThetaHealing is not just a wonderful healing tool, but a new way of life that is bringing healing, love, happiness, and fulfillment to all areas including relationships, family, and my work.  I am finding out more of who I am and how to use the intuitive abilities that I have. I am so very thankful!!!.  With much love and gratitude..."

Jolene Clement; high school teacher, artist



    "For years, I have worked to uncover and rid myself of deep-rooted feelings of unworthiness which has made me strive relentlessly for outward success while suffering deep within.  I have used releasing prayers, past-life regression,  meditation,  affirmations and other therapies to remove the underlying false beliefs, yet the feelings of unworthiness persisted. 

    Then in less than ONE HOUR with Judy, as a class demonstration during the June '08 workshop in Santa Cruz,  she connected to Creator-of-ALL through the ThetaHealing technique to remove the fears and reprograms from my cells once and for all.  I have been trying for 2 weeks to drum up some of the old beliefs, and there is absolutely NO CHARGE anymore!   The limiting false beliefs are finally GONE. 

    I AM worthy of and profoundly loved by God!  That is a Truth.  I can finally embody this.  I am profoundly grateful to Judy and Creator-of-ALL for helping me to remove the pain that has held me back for so many years, for so many lifetimes.  Thank you, It is Done, It is Done, It is Done!" 

Nancy Glidden, Santa Barbara, CA


    “I took the ThetaHealing® Basic and Advanced Workshops in Antioch , CA with Judy in February and April 2008. After 35 years of being a student of metaphysical practices and teachings, ThetaHealing is the fast track to advanced co-creating. The Advanced workshop helped me to fine-tune and fill in the much needed Creator's teachings and belief work after the Basic. I feel there is a significant advantage to taking both classes, for it allows the teachings to integrate at  a deep level.     

      Judy's non-judgmental, unruffled and level approach to teaching is fantastic.  She allowed each student to soar at their own rate while staying calmly centered in her own knowing of the material and her connection to Creator-of-All.

    I also attended my first practicum in May '08 at Judy's house. I left with profound energy shifts and new perspectives from the belief changes. Everytime I am around Judy, I am in awe of her incredible intuitive abilities and her ability to share her ThetaHealing® teachings so clearly! What a gift to share a day of growth, fun, laughter, fellowship and a delicious pot-luck!!

     Miracles are happening everyday since taking the workshops. The  polyps I had in my nose disappeared after the first day of the Basic workshop in the healing circle. My son, who has been very sick, responded so favorably to the healings I witnessed on him that he is now starting a new career in the healing field. With all the stories I could share of the changes I am experiencing, I want to thank Judy for bringing this transformational work to the American Institute of Natural Healing and spreading it around the planet."

Belinda Guarascio, Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, San Francisco Bay area, CA.


     "Where to begin???  I completed the ThetaHealing® Basic workshop in Antioch, Ca in February 2008.  What a wonderful, healing way to enter the New Year!  I was amazed at the duality of what was being taught..the simplicity, yet complexity, the journey to the 7th plane (Creator-And-all-That-Is) ascending so beyond, yet going deep within so quickly.  Judy asked me if I would be the example for the class "digging" session and then....long held beliefs gone in less than an hour.  The mastery and skill with which Judy taught all these concepts and much more is evident by how much I felt the changes.  My life has already taken a new direction in creating what I want.  Thanks to Judy's knowledge and commitment to spreading ThetaHealing practices, I now know and understand what "instantaneous" healings are and am so excited to utilize these teachings to serve others."

Rena Cohen, Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, Certified Medium, Ca

   "For anyone looking to grow in their Theta practice, in their awareness, or in their lives, the Manifestation and Abundance workshop is a must. The material is right on, and the structure by which it is built is infinitely powerful. I thought I understood what manifesting was until I experienced this workshop.  I found beliefs that were so well hidden that they initially felt foreign. The downloads had immediate affect on my awareness. The energy I felt during the workshop was so powerful that my connection to Source-Of-All and my awareness of that connection, was undeniable. Truly transforming! Since the workshop I have already experienced the effects of all the clearing and downloads. I've increased my client base and have made connections I can only attribute to the work. Not only do I get to deliberately create what I want, I also get to see more clearly what obstacles lie in the way, and now I have the tools to pave the way.  Truly a gift! Thank you Judy for a brilliantly structured workshop!!"

Angelo T. Mattei, Theta Advanced Instructor/Practitioner, Havertown, PA.

     "In being a student, practitioner and instructor of ThetaHealing®, I have experienced many Theta classes, but the Manifestation and Abundance workshop taught by Judy, was the most profound so far. To remember my future was an astonishing and profoundly deep truth to be felt. Working through abundance blocks has brought a new found awareness of self ownership to my life and relationship. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone."

    [Received from Beth after she taught her first Manifestation and Abundance workshop] "I am writing you to express my gratitude for the superb mentorship you have given me in my theta practice. Teaching the M & A workshop this past weekend went very well (it was so beautiful to witness us all experiencing so much release).  I really felt and feel that my success is in part a reflection of having such a great example of integrity and thoroughness.  Thank you for being such a great support in my practice. I cherish you.
Beth Walsh, ThetaHealing® Advanced Instructor/practitioner, Santa Rosa, CA

    "Just wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I appreciated the Basic seminar you presented in Santa Rosa October 5-7, 2007. I found the material so rewarding, and  you are an inspiring presenter, a good facilitator, and a wonderfully kind human being. You were generous with giving information and sharing meaningful examples from your own life and Creator-Of-All-That-Is. I experienced three days of unconditional love--love that is both healing, liberating, and profound. For anyone who is thinking of taking any of Judy's not hesitate...the work you put-in, and the skills you will learn, will dramatically transform your life."

Jeff Atkinson, Los Angeles, California


   "I attended the Basic Workshop taught by Judy in October 2007.  I am most appreciative of the ample practice exercises and Judy's interactive teaching. I was pleased with the ease with which I could access the theta state and found the peace and well-being remarkable.  Long instructional days are apt to make me headachy, but I found that tapping into the healing energy of theta would eliminate any discomfort.  I left each day more invigorated and spent time before and after class practicing.   On the morning of the last day, I released a major belief that was not serving me using the techniques. 
      When I came home after the course was over, my daughter wanted me to demonstrate my "future reading" ability and gave me a list of prospective colleges.  In the spirit of "this is a game," I used the technique we learned and gave her a full report.  She said that my impressions matched her own intuition as well as the opinion of another psychic she had visited.  (I had no idea she was testing me!)   The most surprising part is that I didn't know I had access to this type of information. 

     The following day, I successfully used the ThetaHealing® techniques I learned during the weekend to reduce the anxiety of a friend who was afraid of the energy around her impending surgery.
     I recommend the class and suggest private sessions with Judy prior to taking the course as this will allow you to pick up the material quicker and with more depth."
D.R., Ph.D., CMT, Occidental, CA


     "I attended the Theta practicums in August and September of 2007.  These were my first times attending since I participated in the Basic Theta workshop in May '07.  At the August Practicum, I was chosen for the fear digging exercise in front of the group. It was interesting that I just happen to have fear around being in large groups of people.  As the digging proceeded, it spiraled down to my father being very controlling; and to protect myself from controlling people, I withdrew into myself and became a shy person. The anxiety, which I initially felt in the group, disappeared.  It was a very liberating exercise experiencing how quickly the fear changed.

     The healing extended to the next day, when I had to face some of my childhood memories and loneliness. I didn't know the depth of change that day until I took my two sons to Discovery Kingdom (Marine World) in Vallejo. I had previously been afraid to ride the roller coaster, but decided that this time I could face my old fear knowing that I could change my beliefs and programs that gave me limitations in the things that I do on a daily basis.  I rode two of these rides without fear and without closing my eyes.

     The practicums are both supportive and entertaining. Traveling over an hour and half to participate, I call them “my once a month field trip.”  I really recommend attending them if you want to further your studies on ThetaHealing® as well as to learn how to work on your own life and help others."

Rudy Gonzalez, Oakley, CA.


    "I took the Basic Theta/DNA workshop with Judy in March of 2007, and my life has truly transformed! Judy's knack for relaying in-depth information and hands-on application of these techniques is exceptional. Since the 3-day class and applying these techniques, I have had several significant changes in my life. On our final day, we did a manifestation exercise where I made a list of what I would like to create in my life. Upon leaving the seminar and phoning my husband, these things all came to fruition! I was a bit startled at the rapidity of the manifesting, but knew, that instant, that the technique had worked. I had proof! I realized that getting out of my own way allows Creator/ Source of All That Is to transform lives at any given moment. Truly amazing! When I returned home the next day, I felt transformed and equipped with new tools that are divinely inspired to assist myself and my soul family. Thank you Judy, for your clarity, understanding and wisdom!"

Wendy Ireland, Sedona, AZ.


     "Taking the ThetaHealing® Basic workshop in March ‘07 and personal sessions with Judy has reopened my connection with Creator and my daughter.       

     My mother died when I was 13, and I became angry and disappointed with God/Creator. As a result of working through beliefs around how I held this relationship, I feel so much happier and more peaceful within.    

    One of the issues I worked on at the workshop was the distant and disconnected relationship I had with my daughter. In the past, she would call, and when I would answer the phone, she would provoke an argument and hang up on me along with sending angry and accusatory emails. Through practice diads during the class and with Judy’s assistance, beliefs were changed and cleared.      

    One night, a couple of weeks after the workshop, my daughter reached out to me in a very different way and tone, which hasn’t happened in many years. She was having severe physical pain and asked for my advice and help. Since that night, she has been calling, and writing caring emails to me. She even asked when I would come to visit her, and I made arrangements to see her in the summer.  I feel I have my daughter back, and it warms my heart.   

     In Judy supporting me in my connection to Creator, in being able to ask for what I want and it happening, I know that Creator is there for me.  It has opened up more of my spiritual world and awareness allowing me to release some very unpleasant experiences that have occurred throughout my life. I feel privileged."

Ilana Goldner RN, BA; San Francisco, CA.


    "My experience of the 3-day Basic ThetaHealing® workshop in March ’07 was one of a student being led by someone who is very knowledgeable and gifted in her work.  Judy made the unique work seem "matter of fact," as one who is as sure about the Theta/Creator-connected reality as is the way the mainstream culture is about theirs.

     The hands-on work was helpful. I felt strangely quieter than usual during the whole experience due to the sensitive nature of the work, listening to Judy explain and demonstrate techniques, and taking notes.

    Since the workshop, I now enjoy calling on Creator-of-ALL to send unconditional love to people. I’m more interested in what people say and am conscious of tracking their beliefs and words as well as my own.  I speak much more straightforwardly and find creative expression in communication , showing up with presence and support. I feel replenished by exchanges with people and the natural world which is different than before. The outside world feels much less invasive as I am able to tolerate things that were quite irritating before. My manifestations are making some progress. I am even quieter now, more intuitive and connected."

Adam Goldman, Sebastopol, CA.


    "After having taken the Basic Theta workshop with Judy in August 2006, and later, the Advanced Workshop at another location, I knew I needed to return to a practice class with Judy.  I attended the monthly class for January 2007 and knew immediately that I was exactly where I needed to be. 

      Judy immediately had us doing some great digging exercises and practice on scanning, both of which I needed the direction and validation.  She also had an in-person surprise-- a local community person with cancer so that the group could work with and participate in this person’s clearing of beliefs and healing. 

      It was awe-inspiring for me to be part of and witness the grace and dedication with which Judy used to assist the client in her healing.  We may practice on ourselves and friends, but to participate with someone who gives such clear and insightful coaching is invaluable.  The day re-ignited my excitement and desire to continue digging on my own beliefs, resolve my own self doubts and want to continue working with others with a renewed confidence that “Creator of All That Is” is in fact always present.  Sometimes just learning to listen without second guessing makes all the difference.

     Thank you Judy and everyone else who was there to share in such awesome work."

Shawna O’Meara; Sacramento, CA


  "I attended Judy's January '07 practicum session. Judy prepared all of us attending, in advance, to be able to work with a young woman with breast cancer who Judy asked to join us from the Sonoma County community. She skillfully looked after the woman and taught all of the students at the same time. Judy got to some extremely private belief systems of the young woman's even with all of us watching. I could definitely see where the cancer came from and why it was there. I learned a great deal that day and came home to be able to do a very accurate scanning and successful belief digging on someone. I highly recommend these practicums to every student, especially beginners like me."

Monica Holliday, RDH Occidental, Ca.


    "My love and appreciation for the transformative power of ThetaHealing® began when I took the Basic workshop from Judy in July of 2007. I was chosen to be used as an example on how to 'dig' for beliefs. My healing request was to work on the neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. Little did I know that this would lead right to unresolved issues about my mother. During the course of my mini session, Judy asked me if I knew what it felt like to have a mother's love. I was shocked, astonished, maybe even horrified to see my body answer 'no' when intellectually my head was saying "yes, of course I know what that feels like!" I crumpled in sorrow at the realization that I did not know, and as I received the Creator's definition and perspective on what is a mother's love, it affected me on a very deep and emotional level that has changed my perspective on life forever.
     Now that I am a practitioner and have worked with others, I still am amazed at the depth of healing that can occur in just ONE of the multitudes of feeling/beliefs that are worked on in a ThetaHealing® session! One can only marvel as we witness people being healed in areas that can provide huge steps in growth and transformation. It is awesome and very rewarding to feel like you are touched by God!
    Thank you Judy, Vianna and Source of All-That-Is! In gratitude,"
Annisa Aguilar; Santa Rosa, CA.


     "I recently attended the ThetaHealing® I & II class taught by Judy in Carmel, CA. This training was far more comprehensive than I expected.  Judy's absolute love for and mastery of the subject manifested itself as an outstanding experience for everyone in our class. I was chosen/volunteered to be the subject as Judy demonstrated the belief clearing and 'digging' process. When the process concluded, I sat centered in a state of deep relief and peace - feeling absolutely transformed at my core. If you ever have the privilege to learn from this wonderful teacher, by all means do it."

John M. Susko, MBA, CHT., RBT.; Michigan


   "The ThetaHealing® Basic Workshop in August ’06 in Carmel, CA.  brought a great deal of clarity to me in many ways. I’m now able to reach “Creator ALL-That-IS,"  have a language to set the energy into action and witness healings instantly on myself and others. This takes a great burden off my shoulders since I blamed myself when healings did not happen. I feel closer to my spiritual connections than ever before.        

   ThetaHealing® is a awareness that would be hard to grasp unless you have someone with such depth of understanding making it simple and fun. I feel so honored to have had Judy as my teacher and am so excited about the Advanced workshop and the practicums to come." 

Carmen Edstrom, Oakland,  CA.


   "As a former chiropractor, I have been involved with alternative healing methods for decades.  Judy’s August 2006 Basic ThetaHealing® Workshop ranks at the top of the list. It gave me the tools to live a fully actualized life, a way to instantly identify those belief systems that need to be changed, to view inside the body and the ability to step aside and witness Creator-of- All changing them instantly.  Instead of fearing problems and/or uncomfortable feelings or situations, I now welcome them as the gift that they are--a belief that no longer serves me and that I can choose to witness Creator-of-All replace with one that does serve.

    I felt so supported and safe being with other spiritually-based participants.  I came away knowing I had found 'my tribe', that the love and support in and for co-creating our lives at the highest level would always be there. 

     I am continuing with this path as I love being among those who live connected with Creator-of-All and whose hearts and arms are open to helping others do the same. I plan on taking the Advanced Workshop in January 2007 with Judy."   

Victoria Shirley, Fremont, Ca.


   " My family and I hosted the Basic Theta class in late March of ‘06 in Dublin, CA as well as the Advanced workshop in July ’06.

    Over the years, I have exposed myself to all the different types of alternative healing that contributed to looking for an easier way to heal myself and others.  After completing Judy’s Advanced Theta workshop, I now know and feel that I have a new way of being in my world as well as having a very effective way of contributing to the healing of others.  I have an understanding of how All-That-IS (vaster than the Universe), with all IT’s complexities, works through all of Creation. My isolated, extraordinary experiences can be held within this ThetaHealing™ model of the different levels of reality, the illusions.

    Through use of energy testing and my direct connection to Creator-All-That-IS, I can change non-serving beliefs, old vows, oaths, and commitments held in these different levels of Creation. I now understand how to communicate with my plants, animals and house more lovingly all for the asking.  As a result of this workshop, I can now create my life to be what I want in an even more efficient, effective, compassionate manner.   I am so excited about the possibilities! 

    My 16 year old son also participated in these two workshops. He has learned to heal his acne, be in better control of his energy, and work with his beliefs to become the basketball dynamo he has always aspired to. He is having fun, with not much effort. I am doing the same. 

    If you are reading this website, then I highly recommend that you pursue your interest in ThetaHealing.  Judy, not only understands this work, she is an outstanding example of using the concepts in her life on a daily basis for her own transformation."  

Ruth Kellogg, Dublin, CA.


   "I took the Basic ThetaHealing® Workshop in May '06.  Judy asked if I would be open to being the person with whom she would demonstrate the depth of the belief work for the class. Creator and Judy helped me to release very deep old patterns and beliefs that have shaped my entire life.  It was amazing how quickly my beliefs were cleared and replaced with divinely inspired light-filled understandings.  I physically felt lighter and peaceful. The heaviness in my eyes lightened. My broken heart felt whole, and my inner infant felt safe, loved and nurtured. I realized my new possibilities of being aligned with God and with my true purpose in being here on earth.   

    Thank you, Judy, for the loving way you held our group and each person in it, and for your abilitiy to share this work in such an organized and effective way. I find it easy to use on myself, and feel joyful just knowing that I can, for the possibilities are endless. I am now certain that change can happen in an instant, and apparent obstacles are divine doorways that help us discover and manifest the highest and best in ourselves."

Zara Wallace, Healer and Wellness Coach; Berkeley, CA.


   "To say that Judy's Theta work was life altering for me is an understatement. I participated with Judy in the demonstration for digging in her April '06 Basic Theta course. She uncovered some long buried memories that were keeping me very stuck in certain areas of my life. By bringing the memories to the surface, she was able to help me change beliefs that have been lingering since early childhood. Since the class, I've been much more comfortable with myself and being in the world – I'm not so afraid anymore. Learning this technique has helped me clear even more damaging beliefs and has allowed me to help my daughter release anger and clear her acne, which of course has changed her life. I will definitely use this method throughout my life and am extremely excited about taking the Advanced Theta course. Many, many thanks Judy!"

M. Jensen, writer, Reiki Master; Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner, San Rafael, CA.


   "I attended Judy's Basic ThetaHealing® Workshop in Jan '06. I am a level II Reiki as well as having attended many Pranic healing sessions, and I must say this is the most amazing energy healing modality I've ever experienced. It was extraordinary and transforming in its depth and the quickness in which it can heal on the mental, emotional, physical, and soul level, using its unique teachings/belief work. I left wanting to rush into the Advanced Class and eventually train as an instructor in order to incorporate it into my private counseling practice. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone regardless of experience or knowledge."

Carolina; Holistic Counseling Intern; Hercules, CA.


   "I have attended both the Basic and Advanced Theta Training seminars with Judy. In taking the Basic Level in October '05, I had lasting results from my experience of learning how to do both direct healings and clearing of mental patterns/beliefs.  Often, the clearing of the beliefs released the physical symptoms I was having as well.  I have experienced an ongoing sense of inner stability and calm since that course.
    In the Advanced Training in March '06, I felt happier; and I also experienced clearings of hesitancy and indecisiveness from the accelerated belief work.
    Theta goes way beyond any other personal growth development program I have ever been involved with. I can't say enough to fully express how happy I am with the changes I've experienced."
Gary Liese, graphic design office manager, Kenwood, CA 


   "Judy is both a truly gifted intuitive and a wonderful teacher.  In the three-day Basic ThetaHealing® Intuition Workshop in February '06,  she provided an enormous amount of easily assimilated information and insights through both lecture and practice sessions. These simple, powerful methods help you tap the power of the universes to vastly improve your life in so many ways.  By the last day, I looked and felt ten years younger. I really feel I now have the tools that will assist me in living my life at the highest level of fulfillment. I feel like I have been given a great gift."
Suzanne M., teacher, Camp Meeker, CA  


    "I took the ThetaHealing® Workshop Level 1-2 from Judy in January '06 and had a wonderful and amazing three days of Divine healing. I find ThetaHealing to be a simple yet powerful technique which offers a fast emotional, mental and physical release. It is helping me to free myself from my own obstacles. My life is transforming completely, and I'm loving it.       

     Judy is a very knowledgable, practical, and organized teacher who is also so generous in sharing all that she knows about ThetaHealing from her years of practice and teaching. Her enthusiasm and passion for the work are infectious.  I surely got the bug of Theta Healing, and it is the only bug I am willing to have more of.  Thank you, Judy."
Nava Rosenblum, Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, Compassionate Communication facilitator, Sebastopol, CA.



   "Thanks again for the great October '05 workshop, Judy!  You and your assisting teachers, Haruko, and Sidnee, all went out of your way to give us what we needed.  You make a great trinity of warmth, compassion, and attention.  I talked to my mom, who has taken the Basic Theta Workshop in Florida, and she didn't learn half of what we did!  So, thanks for packing it all in there." 

Janis Ericson CHT; Advanced ThetaHealing Instructor/ practitioner, Lightwork Seminars, Intl.; San Rafael, CA.



   "Since completing the Theta Level 1-2 Workshop in June 2005, I have been healing myself, changing beliefs, and resolving personal issues easily and often. I feel I am transforming my life on a daily basis as a result of this practice. The training is concentrated, practical and so much fun! Thank you, Judy."
Barbara; Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor; Benicia, California


    "Judy's June '05 Theta training was one of the most useful, practical and healing I have participated in. Her professionalism and integrity with running energy, charging the room with positive programs, and leading us through individual and group processes was explicatory.
     Experiencing being the person chosen to exemplify the belief work for the ThetaHealing® seminar, was very insightful and has lifted and cleared various programs I had running that were impacting my relationships with men, self care and money. It is my pleasure to recommend Judy's trainings and her private sessions."
Cynthia Stringer, Healer, Coach and Speaker; Santa Rosa, CA


   "Judy's ThetaHealing® Level 1-2 Certification Workshop gave me spiritual information and knowledge that I have been searching for, for more than 30 years. This life changing event has accelerated my spiritual upward spiral far beyond my expectations. I truly appreciate being able to access Source directly. Thank you for making this valuable information available to everyone."
Bonnie Suddarth, Santa Rosa, CA.


    "ThetaHealing® holds infinite possibilities. You can do virtually anything with it. The work is pure and holds a direct channel with Source, All-That-IS. It has taught me about our unlimited potential and abilities, and offers a simple technique from which to develop many healing awarenesses and skills. I have been amazed with my experience of accuracy in using it and feel I now have a whole new way to interact with life. In having taken the workshop from Judy, I found her to be a charming and clear teacher who embodies the ThetaHealing® work and is extremely developed at it."
Vayya Racherbaumer, Santa Rosa, CA.


    "The Basic ThetaHealing® workshop, taught by Judy in June '05, was a profound experience on many levels. The reverberations continue to reveal themselves over the past 2 months. This class opened up whole new worlds to me - a way of looking at life, myself and the situation we are all in during these times of upheaval which is incredibly empowering, liberating and fulfilling. I full-heartedly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in embracing their divine creative birthright and helping to bring about the personal and planetary healing and transformation that is so desperately needed.
      Judy is a wonderful teacher - she makes esoteric information available in a very practical way; and her love and commitment to this work is passionate and heartfelt. All-in-all, this was a fantastic experience!"
Julie Burns, bi-lingual transcriber, Santa Rosa, CA.

     "Theta work is a wonderful modality and easy to practice. In spite of my usual reticence to preach to others, I have found myself sharing its amazing applications with friends. The Basic Level 1-2 workshop gave me enough practice and technique that I have felt comfortable doing Theta healing sessions on my family, animals, friends and myself as I use it regularly knowing that the highest truth about a situation will be clear to me. As I work with the process, I find more ways to use it, and it is always helpful and powerful. It is a fabulous tool for my work and personal life."
SMParker, Herbalist, Port Townsend, Washington

     "Dynamic, well organized, intimate, encouraging and supportive! Judy's workshops are cutting-edge with the potential to dramatically transform the way we think about our world. The support groups, which help to anchor the information, give added practice in giving and receiving healing. Great fun!"
S. Cox, Windsor, CA.


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